Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brian Williams rip...NBC News...rip!

    ....This will be the last of the Brian Williams stupidity for awhile...
    So he’s suspended for six months...big damn deal.
    There’s a chance Tom Brokaw will return for awhile...to try to bring some dignity and creditability to NBC  News...badly damaged by this idiot Williams.
    I remember one NBC News exec when I was there in 69-70 who would have picked Williams up and tossed him into the skating rink at 30 Rock and told him not to come back.
    NBC News is cowered now...run by wimps and cream puffs!
    My friend David Brinkley is turning over in his grave.

    That new neighborhood WALMART near me is officially opening tomorrow!
    I’ll file a report in the few days.
    Now...that begs a question about the Walmart I’ve been using to the north of me...just a bit too far to walk but I’ve done it. The question is...will it remain open or close up?  The new Walmart is a stand alone owned by that company...but the old one is a rental...
so why should W-M continue to pay high rent for an older building with less floor space. A manager at my Publix told me that store WILL remain open.  Does good business.
    We’ll see.


    Some months back I mentioned one of the things I liked about making a waffle was the little left over bits that you could dig off the waffle maker...they were crispy and very tasteful.  I said someone should figure out how to make them and box them up.
    Well...lo and behold Post Cereal now has a “Waffle Crunch” for your good mornings and it’s pretty good and about as tasty!
    So there you have it.  Give it a try.


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