Monday, August 10, 2015

watch what you say! Words...words....words.

    WORDS...WORDS...WORDS.  Put together right are fun to read.

In radio...words said on the air are fine.....but sometimes....
well you be the judge.

    The morning DJ on AFN in Germany with the millions of listeners enjoying the music.  Except...he introduced the song as “cherry pink and asshole blossom white” and he was in trouble.  He didn’t have KP long...maybe a month or so!
    Out in Phoenix at the new job...I didn’t last long.
    A guy wrote a great letter telling us about how the station had informed him...etc etc.
    I got on the air in response and said loudly
“get that guy an Arbitron Diary!”
    That was a no-no.  Not allowed to refer to rating
services on the air.
    That was my last show......except my lawyer...very smart chap... told them couldn’t fire me over that! Their lawyer agreed so they kept me off my daily show and had me work weekends.  Same salary (which was pretty good).
    It was great for a to go to Vegas....San Diego....Mexico...the mountains and get paid for it.
    The infamous Bob Collins “smelly coffee vacuum”(I’m not gonna use the maker...that crazy sob might be reading blogs in his old age.)  Anyway this guy went after Bob and WGN like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t know how the thing was solved but it was ridiculous!

so watch what you say...enjoy what you read!   

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