Friday, September 9, 2016

Happy 81st Birthday Stan! We Miss You.

Stan Major and son Chris at home in Plantation, FL - Early 1990s.

Hi all! Chris Major here, wishing my Dad the happiest of birthdays. He would have turned 81 today. I miss him very much and think about him daily. But today is about celebration, not mourning, so I would like to share one of my favorite stories of his. Cheers Dad, I love you.

"In 1969-70 I had been a correspondent for NBC News in Vietnam. I returned to the states from the war and landed in San Francisco as a massive domestic airline strike had stopped all fights. I decided Vegas was for me...I rented a car, drove to Vegas, and checked into the Hilton there. 

Elvis was in the main showroom. I called the concierge office and was told that all the shows had been sold out for months. I hung up and dialed the press relations office at the hotel and they gave me an extension for Presley's staff. The person I talked to there was familiar with my name as I was on a lot of radio reports in Nam and he asked me to hold on. I thought maybe Elvis was coming on the line but the same nice guy came back and said I'd have a front row table seat courtesy of Colonel Parker (Elvis's longtime manager).

Indeed, I did have a great seat and was close enough that when Elvis was shaking hands and kissing ladies along the front of the stage, I was able to shake his hand. It was also a great performance...he had slimmed down for Vegas and worked really hard. This set of performances later became his best Vegas television concert and it's still replayed about every year."

Thank you for the stories and the memories Stan. We love you and miss you. Please continue to check back here occasionally for more stories, photos, and recollections from the life of Stan Major and his family. I thank you personally for all of your support over the last year.

Rest in Peace Stan Major: September 9th, 1935 - September 25th, 2015.


  1. I loved to listen to this guy when he paired with Neil Rogers I guess in the mid 1980's. They did a 'schtick' about Miami Vice and how Don Johnson had 'called in' to say 'No Changes'. He was a great radio personality. I remember him well.

  2. Hello to Chris Major! I would like to thank your father Stan for the reminiscences he wrote on this blog about Bill "Doc" Leavell, who was my grandfather. Very fascinating to read about. Best wishes for 2017 and beyond! -Michael

  3. Hello Chris I Loved Producing Your Fathers Show in 1991 on IBN :)

  4. Stan was a late daily companion for me during his Sun Radio Network days in the 1990s. I really enjoyed his call in show!