Monday, June 30, 2014

Vlad's the man-Meg's back!

...Way to go Vlad!

       Putin may be reading this blog.  He’s sending some help into Iraq  against the crazies trying to take over in the name of their religion.  And...he’s talking about a ceasefire in the Ukraine.  He’s my man now!
You don’t suppose we’d see a coalition of Russian, American and Iranian forces to stop that Iraq nonsense?  Wow...that would be impressive.
Here’s the link for the story:


Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together again?  Could be and with Ryan making her directorial debut!  How about that.
(still No Meg cop from our burb Margate...never contacted me)...but here’s the link for the Meg-Tom stuff...with some nice pics of Ryan:


Here’s another link for another Stan Major radio show with Neil Rogers as guest...enjoy!

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all those cables are for what??

On this 1st year of my favorite posts...

1970...back to the future...with a phone installer!

         Back in 1970 when I finished my fun times in Vietnam and Cambodia...our new house out at the farms was finished (you’ll recall I burned down the old accident that had nothing to do with losing that Congressional race!)  Now we had to deal with the phone company.
        The company at the time was called General Telephone (now GTE) and they primarily served rural areas like ours in the midwest....and they were crap.
        My dealings with this company in the past were not good so I was concerned about what the installer was up to.
        He and I got into a discussion about the various colored wires he was placing in each box on the wall.  There was a red, a green, a yellow and I guess maybe a few others...and I wondered what they were all for.
        Now remember this was 1970...and there was just over-the -air cable as least not where we lived in the Illinois boonies.
        He said “come over here and I’ll explain the future in this box of wires.”
 And he “knocked my socks off” with what he told me.
“This black wire, he said “is for your telephone.”  
        "The blue wire is for an additional line you might want sometime in the future."  
       "The red line well...that is for’s called cable and is capable of bringing in multi channels of televison...maybe up to a hundred!”  
  Wow.  I was stunned!  And here I’ve been in the broadcasting business all my life.
        But then he really slam dunked me with the next wire.

        “That green one there is for your computer.”
        “My what.”
        “Your computer.  Everyone will have a computer or maybe a couple of them in their home in the future.”
        Now this was just too much.
  You have to understand we all considered General Telephone to be the worst phone company in the world and this guy is laying all this far, far reaching into the future stuff on me from a phone company which was so antiquated they couldn’t even give us a private line yet!

       But look at it today.  That box with all those wires and all of them are being used for the things he just calmly mentioned back in 1970.
       It’s like a miracle come true in communications and somebody somewhere invented that stuff at that crummy company and officials of that same company were farsighted enough to ok the huge expense of preparing for the future we all enjoy.
       One wonders who the guy was who conceived this in the 60’s yet...and the top officials he had to convince to roll the dice on installing something  that probably would not show a profit for decades to come.
       Wow, again.  
        I took back everything I’d ever said about that phone company.

enjoy A WINZ Miami  show.....White Cotton Panties!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

My blog..the beginning!

taken in 1967 at our Stone House farm in Illinois.   son Ric about 10...daughter Kathy cat Fabian                                                                                                                                                

      ...Today... Sunday June 29th 2014 is the first year anniversary of this blog.
Seems like we just started it a few weeks ago.
So we’ll be reminiscing a the whole thing started because my late daughter Kathy(see pic of Kathy and her brother Ric)... wanted me to put some memories down on paper...which she could help re-write into a possible book form. 
Sadly...we lost her to cancer before that could happen.  I went ahead anyway as my son Chris wanted the memories...and my other son Ric (through no fault of his own) never really got to know they would both have something when I was gone...and additionally... my stepkids Jeffrey and Morgan could enjoy the memories.
474 posts in 365 days of blogging.
seen in: 75 nations
     thank you all!!!

A memoir in honor of my late daughter Kathy...whose idea this was...and for my sons, Chris & Richard, and my step children Morgan and Jeff. Stan Major

I was born in Paris........alas Paris, Illinois and not Paris France dammit.
The only good thing about where we lived was the big park across the street.     When you’re Dad is off to Dad served in both the great wars....the park is the next best thing.  I think I spent more time there than any place else.  For a kid in his early years it was great.
Then while my Dad was building airstrips in Persia for the great lend lease shipments to Mom took the park away by deciding to move us to Brownsville, Texas where my oldest sister had married a sailor.  I was about five at the time.
Three things I remember about Southern Texas.  It was really hot  we had to be in school early...real early...but Mom always managed to stop at the tortilla factory on the way home and I loved tortillas...
The second thing I remember were the many tunnels near the Rio Grande river.  The other kids had me convinced that they dug them was later in life I realized who really dug them but I can truly say I never met a Mexican in the vast tunnels we used to play in all afternoon.
My last and most vivid memory of living in south Texas was walking on Boca Chica beach where we constantly had to scan the water for those German U-boats,,,(they later found one sunk) and stepping on a squishy dead shark while not looking where I was going!  A kid doesn’t ever forget something like that!
Oh yes...we had to be dragged out of bed about 2AM one morning because President Roosevelt was come down on his train to meet the President of Mexico about something.  Needless to say FDR was tucked away sleeping comfortably so all we got to see was a slow moving fancy train going by. 
    Not really one of the highlights of my brief Texas stay.
Now in my retirement one of my favorite movies is Winds of War and I kinda wish I’d been able to see FDR.  He was quite a guy.
  So now you know what was going on when I came into the world.

FIRST POST ON NEW BLOG...June 29, 2013

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sure could use...a little good news

Cheryl Ladd in Millennium

bits and pieces....and Jane Fonda and Cheryl Ladd

    ...the walk to my mailbox again resulted in NO official notification that my HMO had gone broke and therefore my health insurance was in limbo. This would make 13 days...that’s almost two weeks...since my Doctors office called to inform me P.U.P. Physicians United of Florida was out of business.  
The only thing that eventually appeared on the PUP website was a small window saying “Important Member Notice” which if clicked on gives you the letter the State of Florida should have sent to each of the 50,000 members by express mail!  So if you are old and don’t have access to a’re screwed.  
Way to go Governor Scott!
Still no letter from Medicare which supposedly is covering the members of the defunct HMO.
The mess just continues!
Here’s the other good news today.  
Gas prices going up...when they usually go down.  They are blaming the Iraq problem.  Such a scam on us!  But we ask for it don’t we.  Go to the pump and make the Saudi Princes richer!  Here’s the story if you want it:
On a more positive note....some of my favorite Kris Kristofferson flicks...all hard to find. (I’ve got them on VCR tape...remember that stuff!)
MILLENNIUM with Cheryl Ladd (ummmmy) 1989
ROLLOVER with Jane Fonda 1981 
good luck finding any of these!

Friday, June 27, 2014

my red England shirt

...I’m not a soccer game is baseball and probably pro and college football.
But a year or so ago I saw some shirts on sale and one...a bright red...caught my eye and I took that one.
Turns out it was an England soccer shirt... emblem and all...and I didn’t care as I know nothing of the game.  I don’t know hockey either although I had to attend soccer games as my stepson, Jeff, played it thru high school and I once went to a Panthers hockey game but didn’t like it or understand it.
Anyway...I’ve been wearing the red shirt and it HAS attracted attention.  Today two good looking girls, college age, couldn’t take their eyes off it.  I actually thought they were going to approach me and offer to buy it off my back...which I would have done just to be nice to them.  I guess that’s an example of how crazy some get over this game.  
This blog is on in EVERY important soccer playing country so I won’t say anymore.(75 countries in all)  
Anyway I checked England’s team and they shouldn’t have bothered going to the games!  I guess I really have to root for them though because of my crush on the next Queen of England...the beautiful Kate!

Now I AM going to piss off a lot of females.
I was flipping thru tv channels the other day and came upon a show called Suicide Girls something or other. The girls were pretty but the tattoos were ugly as sin.  I actually would NOT want to make love (and I’m crazy doing that as you can guess) with any girl who looked like a “chopper” mate.
Women are given beautiful bodies....and it is a sin of the worst kind to see them screw up that natural beauty with snake crap all over em!  
So there.  Soccer’s just ok.  Tattoos on gals are NOT.  Just my Katie...don’t get any tattoos.  The same goes for your hot sis!

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Marlins catcher's CLASSY act!

  Marlins catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia...simply made a special baseball moment late last walking out to the mound...but not to talk to his pitcher.
Read the story here:

Selena 1 & 2

Selena hot!
2 Selena's!!!

earlier post
I watched Monte Carlo again last night...and discovered something really interesting that I had missed.  I missed it because it was done so well by Hollywood.
      As you may know Selena Gomez plays two parts...the part of pouty little Grace who with her two girl friends was taking a tour bus and lost it in Paris. She also plays the wonderful part of the snippy bitch heiress Cordelia (which I love).
      In the Monte Carlo hotel suite the two girls come face to face. This is done so well...with both girls in the shot that I didn’t even realize what they had to do to make this stuff gel.  What ever it worked.  and it’s not the usual cutaway shots of is BOTH CHARACTERS SEEN ON SCREEN AT THE SAME TIME.  If you experts can figure it out please let me know.  It’s VERY impressive. (see pic above)
New post:

Here’s the plot for Monte Carlo 2
Cordelia's mother is fed up with her...and tells her she's going to disown her unless she "shapes up"....telling her she should be more like Grace. 
Cordelia goes to Grace and hires her (with her mother's $) to work with her...bringing along the other two girls. 
They go back to Monte Carlo to try to work it out but things continue to get screwed up...something like that. 
Could be long as Selena gets another bikini scene!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

my Washington souvenirs!

Reagan on radio

some bits & pieces                                                                                   repost                                                                   

When I was doing my national show I was on a big Washington DC station...WWRC and a DC cab driver listened all the time.  He sent me some Washington memorabilia caps, one from the gift shop(?) at the super secret NRO (I couldn’t have written those initials on a blog 20 years ago!) the snooping National Reconnaissance Office which no one was allowed to know even existed until recently.  Now they’ve got their own webpage.
Check it out...they’re probably hiring.
                                          FBI cap...and refrigerator magnets from the NSA (famous today for reading all your emails and listening to all your phone conversations here and abroad and last but certainly not least...the infamous CIA.
The NSA magnet is pretty thick and I’ve a mind to take hammer to  it to see if there is a chip in it!
When he was Governor of California at the height of the cold war days Ronald Reagan, who never missed a chance of being dramatic, recorded a “doomsday message” and issued it to all California radio stations with the demand that it be kept out of harms way and only played at the Governor’s order.  There was such a cart in the control room at KSDO San Diego and one day (while filling in) I carefully unwrapped the cart and shoved it into a machine and listened to it in cue (not on the air). This is all I remember Reagan announcing:
     “My fellow Californians...the day we’ve all dreaded is here.”
and it went on in dramatic fashion as you can imagine.
As late as last year Tom Taylor of the national radio news letter NOW was asking if anyone had a copy and to no avail.  That’s amazing as there are hundreds of California radio stations that must have been issued the tape message. 
I wonder of the Reagan Presidential Library has a copy of it?

My HMO crashed & burned...ongoing!

still no letter from anyone...but finally a "notice" on their site!
looks kind of top secret doesn't it?

My HMO crashes & burns (Chapter 2...or is that 11?)

On Monday June 16th my PUP doctor’s office called to inform me I had NO insurance.  I had an appointment the next day which was canceled based on that call.
It is now...11 days...that's  ELEVEN days and I’ve not received word one from the following:
PUP (although today I got my regular drug info!!!)
MEDICARE (we are said to be flipped into this now to be treated.  who knows?)
FLORIDA ( from my State government...nothing in writing)
...on the PUP website now is “an important notice to members” box you can click and finally, see the official notice of what’s going on.  I don’t know when this “notice” popped up on the PUP  site but you’d think it could be a little more “INSURANCE CANCELED “or something to garner your attention.
I wonder how those who don’t have access to the internet (lots of elderly) would know about this!
I have already signed up with another HMO (wish me luck) but the wheels in that are slow and I have nothing official as yet. basically this mess of messes continues on....hard to believe in this day of fast computer technology that we 50,000(?) members couldn’t at least get a phone call or an email of notification!!!!

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Now: 75 Nations!

Thai girls!

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? watching over me!

MY guardian angel seems to be real....

I said once in this blog that sometime after a a belt of brandy and couple of glasses of good wine...I might come clean in some things that need to be said.
This isn’t it...although the booze has reinforced my nerve to deal with something present it to you in these 75  countries to see what you think about it.
I’ve told no one about this... but I could have had... what would have amounted to... a tragic accident but it didn’t happen and I don’t know why.
About a year ago...I was driving to the post office and came to a stop at the fairly busy roadway.  I started up and began to cross that road when suddenly from nowhere an SUV was feet from me..headed straight for my driver’s door.  I don’t know how...but I swerved to the right to avoid what I was sure was a bad accident...also there was a canal across the roadway that could have been where I ended up.  That often happens down here in South Florida...especially with teen drivers.
He didn’t hit me...and I pushed the gas to get out of his way as I swerved the car.
I parked in the post office lot...shaken...and just sat there wondering how that had I could have avoided the crash.  I never saw the SUV again.  My guardian angel?
This past year writing this blog and telling you about Cambodia...I’ve been thinking of my experiences there. 
As I say this that lots of press people were killed or just blowed up by hidden land mines in the weeks and months after I left.  I lost some wonderful co-workers for NBC news.  I probably lost my driver, a fine young man, who would have been driving the press guys around...after I departed.
We passed the NVA enemy soldiers walking along our highway...and he joked, "just tell them you’re Canadian.” We passed a Khmer Rouge member as we entered a small store on our return to Phnom Penh.  He could have done something bad as well.  He looked like he wanted too.  And...luckly...there were no enemy solders in the small store.  
I keep wondering about that.  Just one would have been all for me!  I would be a goner.
...and then there’s the strange case of the beautiful, very beautiful Cambodian girl just passing the entrance to my hotel...who appeared like a vision and after the night together...when I was alerted by the Newsweek guy about the coup and had to leave...she just disappeared as if a vision gone who had never actually ben real.
Another strange happening.
There have been other minor incidents...that I can attribute to my guardian angel as more humorous rather than serious.
I am not a very religious person...I was raised a Mother’s church...and became a Catholic for my first marriage...but that didn’t take.  I've done things in my life that would be undeserving of any consideration of any celestial body.  And yet I escaped Cambodia when others didn't.  I have no explanation.

So...I don’t know...but I don’t complain.  I just roll with the punches like everyone else but I’ll always wonder why the things that happened, happened as they did.
and so far..nothing really tragic has happened to me.  time will tell.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sunday: happy anniversary blog!

     ...this coming Sunday June 29th will be the first year anniversary of this blog.
Seems like we just started it a few weeks ago.
So we’ll be reminiscing a the whole thing started because my late daughter Kathy wanted me to put some memories down on paper...which she could help re-write into a possible book form. 
Sadly...we lost her to cancer before that could happen.  I went ahead anyway as my son Chris wanted the memories...and my other son Ric (through no fault of his own) never really got to know they would both have something when I was gone...and additionally... my stepkids Jeffrey and Morgan could enjoy the memories.
...and as a special added ingredient to my posts beginning soon I will add a link each post to a radio show that I did or did with Neil Rogers which you’ll be able to click on and listen too also. 
That...thanks to the guys, John and Michael, who have the Neil Rogers audio restoration project on the internet. we say in the radio biz....stay tuned!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

John Lennon sings-Diana dances!


...Bob Hope returned in a dream and had big news.

“Casey Kasem just joined us...and the guys have started some radio shows here. Casey’s spinning the hits...Dick Clark has a show with some kids...great dancers...even Princess Diana stops by to dance the night away. Sometimes John and George join him!
“Wow, Bob that is great!  I’ll tell Will and Kate about Diana...they’ll be thrilled. 
“Any talk shows?”
“Talk...oh ya...Joe Pyne does a show...and your two friends Neil Rogers and Bob Collins are having a good ole time.  Wally Phillips tags along.  Then Long John has his weird guests to talk the night away.  Bill Ballance comes along with some “spice”...and Henry Morgan chats with them all!
“Sounds like some great radio to me!”
“It is...Stan.  Sorry gotta go...more shows for the troops you know.”
“Bob...thanks for the memories!”  but he was gone again.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

the tabloids: all the crap you don't need to know!


Persian Gulf Command/WW2

  ...the tabloids are ecstatic...Selena and Justin are back together again.  (not for real I hope!)
They had one of those “we’re just like” you dates for dinner and a movie.  You’ll be seeing at lot about it at your check out counter...but don’t pay the five bucks for the tabloid is worth that price.
If you are gonna fork out the “fiver” for something so stupid get the one that says Queen Liz is dying and passing the throne to Prince William and my dream girl Kate!  
      Screw Prince Charlie...he doesn’t deserve it anyway.

We have a bunch of Russian views on this blog now...Vlad must have liked something I wrote about him!
So let me make my pitch for a free trip to Moscow for me and my son to pick up my father’s “hero” of the nation medal that he so richfully deserves.
Here’s the earlier post on that.  And remember he liked the Russian soldiers in Persia more than the British! the early 1940’s my father was sent to what was then Persia...because as an engineer, who built roads, his expertise was badly needed to build airstrips for FDR’s big lend lease project for the Russians.  
My Dad should be a “Hero” in what was then the Soviet Union!  He worked with Russian and British officers to get the airstrips built in what is now Iran so that masses of food and badly needed supplies could be airlifted into the areas like Leningrad . 
    He proudly wore the “Persian Gulf Command” patch which was probably the most attractive patch in the entire military. (see above)

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