Tuesday, June 3, 2014

God bless the GOOD guests!

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Richard Nixon....woke him from a nap and talked to him for about 20 minutes or so...he became friendly and even affable...making a joke saying: “it never rains in Southern California”.
Frank Sinatra....fall of 1958 while at Peoria,Ill. Frank was very friendly...talked about album just released: “Only the Lonely” and about book “From Here To Eternity”before filming movie...winning his Oscar!
                Robert DePugh...founder of the militant “Minutemen” organization...had his own theory and “evidence” that JFK’s death was a conspiracy.
Eugenio Martinez...Watergate burglar and member of the “Plumbers” led by E. Howard Hunt.  Miami car salesman...very friendly and considered CIA agent Gray Lynch a hero for his “Bay of Pigs” involvement.
Grayston Lynch former CIA agent who was one of two Americans onboard the operations boat for the “Bay of Pigs” debacle.  I asked both Lynch and Martinez if they had participated in the JFK assassination.  Both said “no” but they admitted they knew some who would do it.
New Orleans DA Jim Garrison...the only official who ever held a trail accusing New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw of conspiracy in the murder of Kennedy. 
On the show with him was comedian Mort Sahl...a JFK conspiracy buff.
Legendary actor Chill Wills...we spent most of the hour talking about the filming of GIANT and James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor. Chill joked that he didn’t think Dean took a bath all the time they were filming in Marfa, Texas.
to be continued

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