Saturday, June 14, 2014

some Father's Day goodies!

steak & shake


some Father’s Day bits and pieces...

My son sent me a Steak & Shake gift card for Fathers day with a lovely card and great thoughts.  We go way back with S & S...when he was a tiny lad, his sis and bro and Mom and I would go on trips to the mountains and always look for Steak and Shake for our nourishment.  
...So my nearest S & S is located close to the huge Sawgrass Mills know the one...they claim more visitors walk their floors per year than Disneyworld.  I don’t believe that but...who’s counting.
Today may not have been a good day to do some “malling” as it was extra crowded with last minute buying for Dads.  Despite that...however...for the first time at this huge and lucrative of the largest in the entire seemed to be “stumbling” a bit.  Neither Brands Mart (tv-electronics for the Latin folks) nor the Super Dooper Target had full parking lots!
Inside the mall several stores were claiming “opening soon”...including, surprise...the one and only “Apple”.  I may be naive about computers but has Apple ever had a store in the mall before?  
I don’t much like Steak & Shake’s skinny french fries so I took advantage of Nathan's in the mall.  Nathan’s of course is famous for East Coast hot dogs...but the fries are great!
“Deny” (pronounced Denny”) took my order and “Marianela” (beautiful name) cooked the fries crispy...the way they should be.
Nice people...but sadly...not very busy.  I was there about 15 minutes and no other customers came by.  This isn’t indicative of anything...the other goodie places like Haagen-Dazs had a good crowd.  
I love their shirts by the way...they have the ice cream logo on the front and then different goody names on the strawberry or some other very eatable on the other shirts.  
I ask if I could buy a shirt and they just looked at me! They should sell them...the shirts might be better than the ice cream! And it’s great free advertising.
Finally and I must mention this.
Two ladies entranced with some texting on their crappy cell phones while walking near me in my car...never even knew I was there.  I yelled at one to "get off the phone and walk" and the other...I just slammed on my brakes.  She didn’t even look up. Sad.

Oh well...Happy Father’s Day!

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