Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the MESS in Washington D.C.

some thoughts on Congressman Cantor’s demise...etc

Eric Cantor’s defeat probably won’t bring great change to Capital Hill.  The Tea Party has had it’s hits and misses and mostly the latter. As of now it is still not a real viable determinate as to the future policies in Washington.   But these elements are very good for the country.
In the 60’s we had that from the left.  Even active militant groups who seemed more prone for revolution and chaos than simple change.
I don’t see where all that succeeded.  The Vietnam conflict just ended anyway and you can hardly show that those groups forced that issue to it’s end.
What’s missing at this time is a militant organization formed to stop this stupid border chaos.  Somthing’s really rotten about all this...whether its the Bilderburgers and big business wanting more “slave labor” or some other reason...lowering our border is NOT the answer and somebody somewhere capable of  leading a real fight is desperately needed.  When Republican leaders and even maverick Democrats start to agree on an issue look out!     Something’s “rotten in Denmark” to borrow a phrase.
We had Dr.Martin Luther King leading his people to the promised land.  Fine.  Now we need someone just a strong and eloquent on the other side on this immigration issue.
I don’t see anyone who is either willing or even capable of that kind of leadership. And that means we’ll cave and be worse off.  

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