Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sunday: happy anniversary blog!

     ...this coming Sunday June 29th will be the first year anniversary of this blog.
Seems like we just started it a few weeks ago.
So we’ll be reminiscing a the whole thing started because my late daughter Kathy wanted me to put some memories down on paper...which she could help re-write into a possible book form. 
Sadly...we lost her to cancer before that could happen.  I went ahead anyway as my son Chris wanted the memories...and my other son Ric (through no fault of his own) never really got to know they would both have something when I was gone...and additionally... my stepkids Jeffrey and Morgan could enjoy the memories.
...and as a special added ingredient to my posts beginning soon I will add a link each post to a radio show that I did or did with Neil Rogers which you’ll be able to click on and listen too also. 
That...thanks to the guys, John and Michael, who have the Neil Rogers audio restoration project on the internet. we say in the radio biz....stay tuned!

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