Saturday, June 7, 2014

cell addiction

.....some things I just don’t kids who go to ball games and sit glued to their texting cell phone and never even look up to see the home run .  Why go...can’t you text for hours at  home and save the bread? (or your folks bread) 
                   Below is a non-profit organization which could help

People are so compulsive about their cell phones...I wonder if there’s a treatment for the addiction.  When the cell phone goes (Daddy took it away) or quits there a withdrawal period..when the person can’t function anymore?
Went to our nearby mall this past week and am happy to report the place is thriving.  Weird because I don’t see anything in the employment numbers to make it that way and the price of gas is NOT dropping to give us a break from the Saudi Prince’s or the crazy’s in the middle east who would do us in. 
JC Penny was doing well...lines waiting to buy...but Sears was empty.  That mall is run by the Simon outfit which also has the famous Sawgrass Mills mall here...which they claim sees more visitors than Disneyworld!  (see my earlier post on that...use the’s free.) 
No news on the three lovely women I’ve been picking on.  Margate “Meg” the police officer remains silent.
I haven’t seen Christy the non-email gal for sometime...and despite my almost daily trips to my sighting of the Kate Middleton twin. 
The Miami Marlins are at Wrigley Field as I write this taking on the Cubbies.  I am always amazed at the great looking females that go the Cub games. But that’s just Chicago. I told my son he’s living in a wonder world of girls up there.  He’s happy about it.

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