Tuesday, March 31, 2015

kid poisons Mom with bleach in food...after Mom took cell phone away!

 UPDATE: I posted this some months ago.  Now we have perhaps the first example of how addictive cells are to people...especially kids!

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Inquiring minds want to know:

...has anyone committed suicide because their cell phone is gone...shut off or whatever?
I get the distinct impression we are going to see a brand new disease... NOT from use of a cell too much...but for utter despondency in having it no more!  I mean...how can life go on?
Harper with the Nationals is a real creep!  We’ve had them in baseball before but he is outstanding how he can piss off anyone at any moment.
Here’s the amazing story (and I even felt sorry for the Braves and you know I hate the Braves and crybaby Fredi!)   click below:

Here’s the stupid bumper sticker award for today:

           seen on the back of a fancy new SUV.

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"Thanks for your good thoughts!" THE BABY

    ....THE  BABY!                                               repost

    On this post...number 1,001.....as promised...something special and a big “thanks” from the parents and the family for YOUR good thoughts all around this world for the health of this BABY  J.

    Pictured..in the rear...the happy Daddy and his Sister...
then...My son Chris...happily holding BABY J  with his girlfriend.

.....again...we thank you all.

    be happy...we all are.

let's close with a song with meaning......click below:

“This Is Our Life”.......Mary Beth Maziarz



Monday, March 30, 2015

Flight attendants do have problems (not just with co-pilots!)


        ...On the lighter side (we could all use that!)

I took a lot of plane rides in the 60’s and 70’s.  Around the world a few of times...three I guess.
     One time I sat next to a lady who...the minute she was seated...went into the chair pocket and dug out a couple of “barf bags”.
We looked at each other with amusement and I joked she could at least wait until take off.
She laughed and said “oh no...I don't get sick on airplanes...I’m a “barf bag” collector!  I fly alot and I collect them to prove it!...I’ve NEVER had to use one!”
Ok...well everyone’s gotta have their thing I guess.  
I’ve got my blog.

Had a fling for a few days with a  good looking stewie.  She had some great cockpit stories.
She said the pilots always zeroed in on a new stewardess...and on her first flight and said practice dictated that “first timers” had to sit in the cockpit for take off.  It was mandatory.
When the novice sat down the pilot said...ok...buckle up!
What they didn’t tell her was the seat had a strong middle belt that would force her skirt all the way to her waist!  Oh those pilots, huh.
She also admitted about the time a couple of pilots picked her up and lofted her into a large overhead bin!  

     And last but not least...I flew from Rome to India and on to get to either Bangkok or Hong Kong....on my way to Viet Nam.
We stopped to refuel in Addis Abba (I think) and they announced we had an hour and could go into the terminal to the gift shop.
I walked off the plane with a stewie of course...you know me...and the first thing we saw were armed military types on the tarmac with really big guns.  She got closer to me and said, “Oh my god they’re going to shoot us all! We’ve never landed here before.”  I think she was only half joking.
Well...it was the middle east and that’s what they have all over the place.

Then...much later in years...my wife and I landed in Zurich and as this time frame was after Munich and various Carlos the Jackal exploits...THEY had the same thing all over the terminal inside and out.
That’s just our world.  
Guess they’ll revert to all that...after Paris.


SNIPER....DC Sniper that is...the first movie. Scary as hell !

     ....D.C. Sniper...the first movie. (2003)

     I have it on VCR(remember those?)
    Just sat down to check the quality (good) and was transfixed as I was the first time I saw it...tv commercials and all.
    Here is it’s IMDB listing:

    I can’t say enough about this film.  I was shaken and stirred by what I saw on the screen.
    I was prejudiced about the recent “remake” which I thought was a piece of crap.  It had little to do with the actual scene(s) of the killings which in the original mesmerized me and held me thru the commercial breaks.
    I’m not sure who you have to know to get your copy (DVD?) but try around.  Movies that didn’t make it to DVD are numerous and this may be one.
    The USA Network where it was shown once or twice has NOT repeated it for years.
    It’s not on any of the cable channels or on TCM and Sundance...places that would be likely to run it.
    Thankfully, they aren’t running the recent one much anymore...for obvious reasons.  I’m not even mentioning the title so you won’t be tempted to find that one.
    Check with Netflex...they might have it if there IS a DVD.  Then let me know by email and I’ll post an update.

    One time in my radio “merry-go-round” I was filling in at KSDO San Diego....great station...great city!
    As is now, my favorite stop was McDonalds.
They were test marketing onion rings...and they were dynamite!
    So what happened?
    I believe it had something to do with the difficulty of keeping them fresh...Big Mac has high demands for the quality of their product you know.
    Anyhow...to get to the point here...click on the following link and you’ll see an interesting list of goodies that were tested but didn’t make the grade in many of the fast food spots. I’ve haven’t heard of lots of them but maybe you tried em and wondered what happened...just like my delicious Mac Onion Rings.
    Bring em back!  they were great:



Sunday, March 29, 2015

Famke & Demi ...hot, hot and hotter !


If you haven’t seen the flick “City Of Industry”...you should.  buy it...rent it...borrow it or steal it and see Harvey Keitel, Tim Hutton, Stephen Dorff and the absolutely fabulously hot Famke Janssen at their peak!  Famke is the only actress, I think, who can out do Julia Roberts....not only in performance but also looks.  This is her best part ever. You just want to grab this bird and take her home forever...immediatly!
I don’t like violent flicks...but I enjoy the stuff here because it isn’t just car crashes and gunshots to build sales...each piece of violence by director John Irvin is incorporated to further the excitement of the plot and it all comes together at the end in a rather unusual way even for  Hollywood.
Harvey wins...Famke really wins...and we all win watching this one.

Changing the pace....another flick I really get a kick out of about once a year is “Blame It On Rio”.  I bring this up since we are now getting multiple views from Brazil. 
Michael Caine looked like he enjoyed making this one and why not.  The scenes on the beach are some of the best you’ll ever see if you are a “bird” watcher like me.  
It’s fun to see Demi a bit embarrassed by her costar Michelle Johnson when they both had to go topless...and one wonders now seeing her topless in the past few years in “Striptease” just how the “boost” came about.  
Oh well...don’t worry about it...just enjoy it.  Right Demi?  She is something else. 
The whole flick is a gas! Everyone is great!


the PILOT's strange behavior ......& George Will on Hill & Bill !

Pilot of your next flight(?)
    ....The real tragedy of that plane crash.
Over the past few days as the media stormed onto the path leading to the co-pilot’s demise (along with everyone else) the obvious and awful facts are becoming known.
       One asks...how could someone not blow the whistle on this guy’s deadly plan.
       For instance...the girlfriend who basically should have been alerted by his braggadocio outbursts.
      Or those in charge at the airline who obviously ignored the signs of stress.  Even his Pilot who MUST have had some inkling of the guys mindset.
     Well...too late now isn’t it!
What a shame the others on board had to pay for that ineptness.
The pilot crew and passengers did pay..
......but who else will?

      ....George Will...in the midst of spring training....writes in the Post about the   “accomplishments” of the Clintons.
    Good stuff to remember right now. 
Thanks, George.

Go Marlins!

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Margie von Nurenburg!

    ....German girls are GREAT!
    Funny though...all the time I was at AFN Frankfurt I never got involved.
    When they switched me to AFN Nurenberg though...things happened quickly.
    I was all alone in the station most evenings...handling just station breaks as most of the programs came from AFN Frankfurt.
    The station was located on a high floor of a very nice hotel in downtown Nurenberg.
    As I strolled into the lobby for my shift one evening...a young lady...attractive brunette of course, approached me and asked if I was going to the AFN studios.
    I said yes and she told me she listened to us all the time and wondered if she could see the studios.
    I invited her to accompany me and off we went into the elevator.  The guy running things was impressed...but his shift ended and he disappeared.
I showed her around..her name was Margie and she sat in the control room to watch me work.
    It wasn’t long before we were getting very friendly...and you can imagine what developed.  In fact at one point I totally missed a station break...and could have gotten into big trouble over that.
    Margie and I got together nearly every day for the proceeding months until I was switched back to AFN Frankfurt.
    She and her younger sister Heidi enjoyed educating me in the way of Germans...including one Christmas when as usual for them...they had real candles on the tree. That made me nervous.  I’m glad we didn’t adopt that in the states.
    Heidi decided she wanted to lose her virginity...and chose me as the “teacher”.  Her older sister agreed and things were set for one evening but Heidi chickened out. 
    I’ve noticed one or two regular viewers of this blog are from Germany and it wouldn’t surprise me if one was Margie.
    So if that's you Marge...
Wei gehts!

stan major@aol.com

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CIA SHAKE UP...The "Wolf" is out!

Instant re-post!
     ...Big changes at CIA. “The Wolf” is OUT.

    The man who was responsible for “Maya” getting bin Laden is out.
    But this article doesn’t mention “Maya” (name used in Zero Dark Thirty) and inquiring minds would like to know more about HER!
 is she still there chasing ISIS?

we quote the story...

“After becoming CTC chief, (“The Wolf”) installed a foldaway bed in his office and often went days without leaving the CIA campus. Although a chain-smoker, he was known for spending hours on a treadmill going over terrorism reports. He was the basis for a character known as “The Wolf” in the movie “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Here’s the Post story (long but interesting if you are a spy buff)
and First names only in most cases.
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Cheerleaders have legs in BB. Way to go CBS!

    Wow...way to go CBS! 
    The cheerleaders have legs in basketball!
OK I’m gonna hammer away at one of my favorite topics...wives being pissed because the tv guys like to show the cheerleaders.
    Ya see...outside in a big stadium...the tv directors can easily instruct the cameramen NOT to show the cheerleaders shots below the waist.  But inside it’s a little difficult...so waking up from one of my many naps (I’m a big napper now) what do I see on my new wide screen tv...great (but quick) shots of the Duke cheerleaders in bright blue...tops and bottoms included!
    Since I am not into basketball (with a bow to my Bradley classmate Ralph Lawler of the LA Clippers & Chet Walker of course)
I now know I’m remiss about basketball (love football though) and remiss in not dvr’ing the game tonight so I can ogle the Duke girls! 
    So...enjoy the sights while you can guys...the nets will be back outside for football soon...can you believe they actually showed the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders above the waist only!

    ....Well...here comes the Washington Post...not the most reliable when so called “unbiased” favorites take place (can you say Nixon or the  Bush(s) or EVEN Reagan?)
    This is their first attempt at tracing the GOP Presidential hopefuls so if this isn’t too early (another year left) click below and see what the Posts thinks:


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We salute you.....wearing THE PIN & some of my NATIONAL all night talk show...heard on 100 stations!

         ....the Gold Star Pin...
I never realized this existed until I saw the tv spot that just “knocks me out” every time.
I am an emotional human being and I wait for the Army officer in full uniform to stop and salute the young man wearing the Gold Pin.
I have tears as I write this.
We have no one in my family who was lost in any war or conflict...my Father served in both world War I and World War II.
My brother-in-law Frank was in the Navy in WW2 and I myself served during the Korean War. 
We all came back home safe and sound.

Here is the official page for you to find out what this is all about:



  ....For our all news station In Chicago (WNWS) I covered the baseball owners meeting in the loop.  
      I got there a bit early for the press conference and sat next to an older, distinguished gentlemen, and entered into casual conversation until the meeting began.  
       I pulled out a package of Juicy Fruit gum and offered him a stick which he took...thanking me.
      He said “you like this?”  I said yes.
      Later a remark from the floor was made about the Cubs...and someone said  "I think we should ask Mr. Wrigley about that".
      Wouldn't you know it...the man next to me got up and answered the question.
      Yep...P.K. Wrigley himself. Inventor of gum...owner of Wrigley field and the Cubs!
      Glad I didn't have my usual Dentyne! (not his brand)
And this cute story about my son Chris when he was in his early school years.
He was in an after school class where the kids do stuff while waiting to be picked up by their parents.
Another boy there was one of  Dan Marino’s sons (Dolphins quarterback)
Dan showed up and a few of the boys were asking for his autograph.  He knew Chris by name and said “Chris...don’t you want my autograph?”
Chris replied...”why would I want your autograph...I already know who you are!”

For your listening pleasure....here's a bit of my NATIONAL all night talk show...heard on more than 100 stations across the country.
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Hey CIA.....where's "MAYA"? Is she after ISIS?

Instant re-post!
     ...Big changes at CIA. “The Wolf” is OUT.

    The man who was responsible for “Maya” getting bin Laden is out.
    But this article doesn’t mention “Maya” (name used in Zero Dark Thirty) and inquiring minds would like to know more about HER!
 is she still there chasing ISIS?

we quote the story...

“After becoming CTC chief, (“The Wolf”) installed a foldaway bed in his office and often went days without leaving the CIA campus. Although a chain-smoker, he was known for spending hours on a treadmill going over terrorism reports. He was the basis for a character known as “The Wolf” in the movie “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Here’s the Post story (long but interesting if you are a spy buff)
and First names only in most cases.
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Randy sings(?) with the Carters...and I sing on radio in Effingham!

Blog viewer Randy was spurred on to this interesting bit of fluff...after reading my tribute to Little Jimmy Dickens:

"When I was a wee lad, I actually attended June Carter's first wedding to Carl Smith. It was held right across the street from the Sam Houston Elementary School on Melrose Ave in Maryville, TN.    I had grown up,in that neighborhood and my Dad was friends with several friends of hers when she appeared at an Opry like show called The Midday Merry-go-round broadcast daily 
live from the studios of WNOX (AM 990) in Knoxville. That's also how and where my dad (and I) got to know Chet Atkins and Homer & Jethro (Henry Haynes and Kenneth Burns). 
Getting back to June Carter Cash, it was through her that I got to meet and spend about day and a half with her and Johnny Cash  They were filming a PBS show about the “Trail of Tears”. Johnny played Chief Ross and June played a farmer's wife. 
The scenes were shot in the Cade's Cove area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
I was home on leave and the Sheriff asked if I'd help with keeping  people out of the scenes etc.
Shortly...I went up to June,introduced myself, told her 
about being the kid who years ago...had thrown snow balls made out of ice cream at other party crashing kids. 
With a few seconds recollection, she remembered the incident and laughed heartily.

     Got to spend a lot of time with them then, but never crossed paths 
with either of them again."

fun story...thanks Randy!
Stan sings a country hit...live with a c & w group in the studios of WCRA...during their show.
can’t remember the name of the song...Faron Young I think...but I sang it on  WCRA radio Effingham my first radio job....my only singing appearance!
sorry...not recorded!  You didn't miss much.


Nutty pilots...what's one to do? & send the old folks here!

        Now...the sad news.
    ....There’s not much one can do to stop a pilot from doing what he did over the French Alps.
You’re going to hear a bunch of “experts” on tv with what they think are the answers.  They exhausted all the theories for days on something going wrong with the plane...but now they can all return again along with a bunch of “shrinks” who will satisfy the tv audience.
    Here in the US rules state TWO pilots in the cockpit at all times.  There’s no such rule in Europe.
Rest assurd there will be!
    So just relax and if you are flying anytime soon....good luck. I hope their won’t be any copy cats on this...won’t be an unhappy pilot or even flight attendant who would crash plane with you in it.
    Don’t they have those Federal Marshals on the planes over in Europe? 
    They will soon!

      ...What to do with the old folks? 
    I’ve got it...send em to Orlando!
    No not Disney World... but to the Villages...the fastest growing city in the US the past two years.
    It beats Myrtle Beach...two places in Texas and one of my favorite towns..beautiful St. George, Utah!  The village is growing fast than any of em.
Here’s the story

click below:

ht.://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-26/the-fastest-growing-u-s-city-is-a-senior-community?Cupid=BBD 032615


The "Noog" man from Miami Vice is my radio guest! click & listen to the crazy interview!

MIAMI VICE...Noogie & Izzy          repost
    Back in the late 80’s when the red hot tv show “Miami Vice” was filming here...I had Charlie Barnett in the studio with me for an hour. Charlie played a wild character “Noogie” or the “Noog Man” and he played him to the hilt!  He almost stole the show from Don Johnson and the others when he was on camera.  He was a fine comedic talent and would later suffer the consequences of his short lived fame but that’s a story for another time.
I found a cassette tape of that show....stored away in old cigar boxes along with other tapes...and John & Michael of Neil Rogers.org worked hard getting it set up on u-tube for us.  So...for the first time since it aired with me....enjoy the unforgettable “Noogie.”
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Was the guy legit? or did he scam us?

    Were we robbed or what?

    AT WIRL in Peoria we were sponsoring one of those famous rock shows on a Saturday night..Chuck Berry was the lead.
    We always tied in a large charity with the shows and the box office proceeds were divided up with them.
    Just as the show began (I was told as I was backstage helping to get the show started)
a big black limo pulled up in front of the auditorium.
    Out steps a distinguished looking gentlemen in a nice suit who walked in to the cashier’s room and told the young girl selling the tickets he was with the charity.
    He said he was there to collect the receipts.
    She was a bit flustered and had been given no instructions on this.
    He moved in front of her and picked up the money box and said “thank you” and back to the limo he went.
    She told someone to go back stage and find me or another official there that night.
    I came to the office and she explained what happened.
    I called the station owner at home and he seemed flustered also.
    Was this simply a prearranged move and we weren’t told or was it real bad news.
     I never really found out.
    The whole incident just died away fast..so thru the years I’ve asked my friends what they thought and there was no consensus.
    Guess I’ll never know for sure.

    ...I always knew Don Draper drank too much!
full story...click below:



After that lightning smashed my computer...son Chris posted this for me

Chris Major here. Below is a repost from one of my Dad's favorite blog entries. I feel it is appropriate since I just recently moved to LA a few weeks ago. My father's travels and stories were big inspiration for this move, so this one goes out to him. He'll be back posting in a few days while we get his new computer taken care of. Thanks for reading! - Chris Major

     My love for “Hollywood”  began when my Father took us on an extensive western trip....and I mean we saw everything from Illinois to Southern California and on up to Washington State. The only thing that really impressed me was Hollywood..the..movie studios..NBC and CBS...fancy theaters (can you say Grauman's Chinese Theatre?)...Alan Ladd and John Wayne hand prints among many.
     We took the movies stars homes tour. I really got the bug about the place. Mom and Sallee went to Catalina Island and I dragged my Dad to several radio shows. I was most impressed by Lux Radio Theater and The Railroad Hour with actor Gordon MacRae. That was basically a musical hour sponsored by the nation's railroads.  The announcer for the show was Marvin Miller who would become famous later as the star of “The Millionaire" tv show.  When we returned home I found Miller's address somehow and wrote him a letter and he actually responded a few weeks later with a hand written two page letter!.  Nice guy!

     So...I had the "Hollywood" bug. I would return to that area on at least three or four occasions...try the acting bit and search for radio work. The only acting bit I got would be in 1960 on the original Bob Newhart show at NBC. I donned a Dodgers uniform took a glove and rushed onto the set on cue to catch a baseball in a fireplace. That Newhart show never made it to dvd so no one will ever see that great catch!
     The casting directors out there had a great gimmick not to put you to work. 
They would say are you SAG...the Screen Actors Guild union?  And of course I wasn't. 
" Well, you can't get a part unless you are."  
"Wait a minute where do I get the card."
"Oh...you can't get a card unless your have a part!"
 What a scam!  

     Another one...I had an appointment to see a top casting director and when I walked into her office she screamed at me:  "You've been here before!!!"  I said no...I've never been here.  But to no avail.  That was her way of eyeing you and getting rid of you quick. Nice people.

     Even with that kind of crap to deal with I still loved the challenge....the possibility that something might break...the phone might ring.  But, of course for me and millions of others on the same path...it didn't happen.


Paris smog...and make more $ from Social Security! (I mean it)

Smog in Paris!
 ....Now you know one of the reasons I stay on the Rivera!   


    If you are approaching retirement age with social security as your prospect....Read this carefully...it’s involved but don’t you just love new ideas to screw the government...about your OWN  money yet!
    Like I say...bookmark this page and then read it and concentrate:

        ....and good luck with it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Talk to Barbie kids...tell her your secrets! & Cruz as Prez is probably more legal than Obama!

          ....Now THIS opens a lot of doors for possibilities,
Can you imagine a kid saying something to Barbie about Mom of Dad drinking alot or my brother trying to make me have sex?  Wow.      

How does Barbie answer that?

    Here’s the first response from one childern’s organization:

    “This latest take on the iconic doll has some advocacy organizations concerned. Among them is the nonprofit Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which has launched a petition calling on Mattel to ditch the talking doll. "Kids using Hello Barbie' won't only be talking to a doll, they'll be talking directly to a toy conglomerate whose only interest in them is financial. It's creepy -- and creates a host of dangers for children and families. Children naturally reveal a lot about themselves when they play. In Mattel's demo, Barbie asks many questions that encourage kids to share information about their interests, their families, and more -- information advertisers can use to market unfairly to children."

    Like I say...Barbie may not have the answers for the kids but Mattel will sure have the info!

Here’s the whole story and Mattel’s denial denial:


now...the Ted Cruz birthright flap.
    Actually he WAS born in Canada...like Donald Trump charges...but he CAN run for Prez

    “Cruz was born a citizen of the United States.
Even though Cruz was born in Canada, he was American from the moment of his birth.
    Cruz's mother, Eleanor Darragh, was a US citizen from Delaware. His father, Rafael Cruz, was a Cuban national who had received a green card while living in the US (he eventually became a US citizen in 2005). Under American law, Cruz would be born an American despite having only one US citizen parent as long as that parent — his mother — had physically lived in the United States for at least 10 years and five of those years had been after her 14th birthday. Cruz's mother easily cleared that bar, so Cruz's citizenship is not debatable.”
    Boy I’m glad they cleared that up. 

Now... how about Obama?


Read all about it! On the NET!


     ...The double standards in our recent memory may soon be disappearing...along with the press functions that established them. 
One observer states if Obama was a Republican he would be facing impeachment now over this immigration fiasco.
The only President run out of office in my lifetime was Richard Nixon...Republican.  That was over a stupid thing called Watergate which two primary newspapers (neither of which are very “primary” anymore thanks to the internet) the Washington Post and the New York Times...basically successfully performed a media coup d’etat
that forced him to quit.
That’s one side of the double standard.
Here’s the other side:
A woman dies in car whose driver happens to be Teddy Kennedy but does Teddy pay for that.  Hell no...he goes on to the US Senate for years.  He’s also Catholic and gets a divorce to remarry..with money for the effort for the church which may be a third standard.
Jack Kennedy...his brother...is the biggest womanizer in the oval office in history...until Bill Clinton came along.  But Jack’s not hit for that (despite the fact that JFK was screwing a Mafia boss’s girl friend!..and neither is his brother Bobby...despite the fact that he had at least two Mafia Godfathers who wanted him hit. Nope...Just couple of "crazies" who did it for the fame....while the guy with the kill shot on the grassy knoll got away for good!
Speaking of Clinton...yes he was impeached but the Senate let him go to roam for female pleasure again. More of that double standard.  If Billy had been a Republican they would have hung him out to dry fast.
The bottom line in this little essay is that powerful forces like major newspapers and at times television (Ed Murrow vs Senator Joe McCarthy) which have foisted the double standard on us “Democrat's great...Republicans suck”... attitude don’t have that power anymore.
This is the effect of the internet and it may be the most positive change in this country since the death of prohibition!
The only question now is what or who moves into the internet power positions to have the same effect good or bad that the papers and tv once had. 
Matt Drudge?

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