Friday, March 20, 2015

why no STARMAN sequel?

                                          STARMAN...the movie                                               
       ...Every notice that when you have to change planes at a big airport and the switch needs to be fast...the plane you have to catch is ALWAYS at the farthest gate from where you land!

...that the best looking girl (or guy) you’ve seen in years is always leaving the store or mall just when you get there!

...that, that game you really wanted to watch is blacked out!

...that the shoes like Reeboks (or whatever) that you’ve been saving for and finally are going to order online are always “sold out” & “don’t know when will be available!” (thanks Fingerhut!)

Most disappointing  “non-sequel” never made:
Starman 2

     Karen Allen (hot in panties with a gun!) left with a baby alien or vice versa and NO movie of that! 
     Hollywood has it’s head up its ass!  Just look at the crap out today.

     Here’s an extensive(and boy I mean extensive) critic of the movie STARMAN...from a guy who didn’t like it when it came out...but boy did he grow up! 
     skip the "I am a great authority" crap...about the first 20 paragraphs and get to the actual STARMAN's something else!

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