Friday, March 6, 2015

A new ghost comes calling...& I'll never get over it!


    ....It was a fitful night again.  Lots of them lately...don’t know why.
    I heard a slight rustling the bedroom and slowly opened my eyes getting used to the dark.
There was a ghostly body sitting on the chair near my bed...feet propped up and a cowboy hat tilted back on his head.

    “Oh my God” I exclaimed in disbelief,
         “James Dean?”
    “Yep.” the ghost replied.

    I sat up in utter shock.
    “You know you were my hero when I came back from the Army....but you weren’t around anymore”

    Dean chuckled... that famous grin spreading over his face.
    “Yeh...boy howdy... I did go kinda quick!” 
    I don't know if he meant in life or fast in his famous Porsche Speedster.
    He continued, 

“we read your blog you know.”
That floored me.
“You mean you guys “up there” can read the blog stuff I write?”
“ I wanted to drop in and thank you for the nice stuff you’ve been writing about me.  Nice to be remembered!”
and with the he rose and disappeared into the shadows of the night.
    I didn’t even  have a chance to tell him how famous he still was after all these years.
Maybe next time.
    Wow...the James Dean.
It wasn’t easy getting back to sleep.

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