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US spy agency gift shops? and Reagan's doomsday message!

The NSA-CIA-NRO-FBI gift shops!                                                repost

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      When I was doing my national show I was on a big Washington DC station...WWRC and a DC cab driver listened all the time.  He sent me some Washington memorabilia caps, one from the gift shop(?) at the super secret NRO (I couldn’t even have written those initials 20 years ago!) the snooping National Reconnaissance Office which no one was allowed to know even existed until recently.  Now they’ve got their own webpage.

 Check it out...they’re probably hiring.

            FBI cap...and refrigerator magnets from the NSA (famous today for reading all your emails and listening to all your phone conversations here and abroad and last but certainly not least...the infamous CIA.

      The NSA magnet is pretty thick and I’ve a mind to take hammer to it to see if there is a chip in it!


      When he was Governor of California at the height of the cold war days Ronald Reagan, who never missed a chance of being dramatic, recorded a “doomsday message” and issued it to California radio stations with the demand that it be kept out of harms way and only played at the Governor’s order.    There was such a cart in the control room at KSDO San Diego and one day (while filling in) I carefully unwrapped the cart and shoved it into a machine and listened to it in cue (not on the air). This is all I remember Reagan announcing:

        “My fellow Californians...the day we’ve all dreaded is here.” and it went on in dramatic fashion as you can imagine.

        As late as last year Tom Taylor of the national radio news letter NOW was asking if anyone had a copy and to no avail.    That’s amazing as there are hundreds of California radio stations that must have been issued the tape message.

        I wonder of the Reagan Presidential Library has a copy of it?

$1,500 is a fair price to live in Europe right now..yes you can move to Europe!

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