Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bulletin: Big news for Len Deighton & Bernard Samson fans.....

    Ok...I don’t watch Downtown Abbey or any of those Brit made things PBS carries. 
    I’m still waiting for them to re-run Game, Set and Match but asshole author Len Deighton...acting like a spoiled brat who didn’t get his way...pulled the plug on the possible re-runs cause HE didn’t like Ian Holm cast in the lead of Bernard Samson. Cry baby author!

    BUT WAIT A MINUTE. Here’s a bulletin for Samson fans.
There are gonna re-do it (no Holm of Course) and this time...catch your breath...THEY ARE GOING TO FILM ALL THREE BOOKS!!! that a mini series?  NO IT’S A MAJOR SERIES (PUN intended)

    If you love Deighton’s three’s the info on the filming with a lot of conjecture about casting....and since it would be soooolong...what needs to be left out. Just so they don’t drop Bernard’s hottie...Gloria Kent... who moved in quick after “F”s defection.

Amanda Donohoe as Gloria Kent... Hot!
 here’s the long read:

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