Monday, March 9, 2015

DRUDGE hates Hillary...and hates Jeb Bush. So go with some losers Drudger!

....Some political thoughts.
    If Jeb Bush was a Democrat...Drudge would hate him even more...and the NY Times and Washington Post would crown him “King”.
    Hillary’s “non campaign” is already so screwed up the only thing that can save her is for Bill Clinton to seduce a girl scout!
    Bill could give her the ultimate “Wag The Dog” there. FILM AT ELEVEN!
    Cruz...and Scott what’s his name...can’t win.
So why bother Drudge?
    Just some political musings.  Take it or leave it!

Sinatra calls!                                                               

        How to get hold of Frank!

     I was a jock at WIRL Peoria back in 1958 when Frank Sinatra released his “Only The Lonely” album (a true masterpiece of music).
     I had heard Frank liked to hang out at the Villa Capri in L.A. so I sent
him a telegram 
    “Frank...Call me for an interview and I’ll play ALL of Only the Lonely on the air."
     The next morning when I came in the receptionist had this weird look on her face as she handed me the message.
     It read simply “Frank Sinatra called’s his private number in his trailer at Paramount.”
     I had a tape running as I dialed the call and sure enough...Frank answered the phone.
     We did about 20 minutes and it was great.  He even put composer Sammy Cahn on the phone for a couple of minutes.  One thing I asked him about was the novel From Here To Eternity by James Jones...if he had to read the book before shooting the film in which he won an Oscar.
He said "yep...boy that was a long book!"
     Frank loved DJ’s...I’m sure there were others who got this treatment.


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