Saturday, March 7, 2015

I could have been destroyed one night in Danang

                     Vietnam war at night                      
...How about this...the only time I was really scared in Nam.
I rode in the choppers piloted by Vietnam pilots...stood on the Cambodian border interviewing a bird Colonel while the enemy solders across the “candy stripe” were lobbying shells at us! 
All this didn’t bother me...but one night at the Danang press center I had to drive with my cameraman up a hill about a mile to interview a soldier being married via radio connection to his bride back in the states.
The only problem...the lights on the NBC News jeep did not work so we drove it in the dark!

Then I WAS scared.  At any moment some nervous American solders could become suspicious and fire on us.
Thank didn’t happen.
The story went well...and 30 Rock loved it!
... One day I had to join some of the other journalists and go to a hearing for a GI who did the bad deed of killing too many civilians (not My Lie)
We couldn't get inside but they brought him out and we got to shout questions at him.  He stopped suddenly and smirked at us...and said very 
 "you guys all look like you could use a haircut!".  
He didn't say it for humor...he was serious. Then they walked him away.

Hal (Nam vet) adds:
 “Saw guys like that. They'd lose sight of the whole show, yet mentally focus on some insignificant aspect of their personal or military life. Still see them 
today, on the street, in courts and in military medical/rehab centers.”


“It's something guys who've had their fill are likely to come up with. A lot of people could understand it, especially today's military. It's good insight into the emotional deterioration war causes on societies in which life has value.” thanks again, Hal

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