Friday, March 6, 2015

Scary in the snow!

....That pic of the long long long line of cars and trucks stuck in the snow and ice in Tennessee and Kentucky was something else.  What do those folks do?  They have to keep the engine going for the heat...what happens if they run out of gas or the radiator can’t take the action?   
    Reminds me of northern Arizona with my bride Lauri when we were coming from Vegas.  We were trying to make it in a snow storm to Flagstaff to spend the night at Little America...for the buffets of course!
    Traffic  was slow and we were headed up a hill on I-40....and I noticed an 18-wheeler up top of our hill twisting in the snow and ice. We were about two or three cars from him and all traffic on our side had stopped because of him.
    I looked a Lauri and see looked at me....and we both watched the truck as it began a slide back down to hill towards our cars.
    “We may have to get out and run for it” I told her...we can’t just sit here and get smashed!”
She agreed. and we kept watching...and started making what arrangements we could about what we might need the  the snow.
    Then...he seemed to stop his slide...and whoever was in the cab of this truck was surely experienced and equal to the task. He stopped the off to the side so our cars could at least get around and get away!
    We made it to Flagstaff and had a great room and fantastic buffet dinner and it still snowed like mad outside.
    So...cudos to the truck driver....with his epertise he avoided a huge mess.  No one probably ever got to thank him....until now.

    ...Our supermarket chain PUBLIX hits the financial news good!

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