Sunday, March 1, 2015

can YOU find the 13th floor? My fake Kate is better than London's!... Wish I could prove it though...Stanton gets hit(again)


 Help us find the missing 13th floor!

    ...I’ve often wondered about this!
                   Haven’t you?

This is London’s acclaimed “fake” Kate Middleton.


The REAL Kate!
                                                                                                              ok...she’s close...but the girl I spotted here in my supermarket parking lot beats her!
      If I could only find that KM twin again!  Very aggravating.  
    ....but I’ll keep looking!

    Miami Marlins superstar Giancarlo Stanton was batting yesterday in a “sim” game (what ever that is) and his teammate pitching “plunked” Stanton on the hip or someplace. 
    thank goodness it wasn’t on the face!
Stanton just shrugged it off and kept batting, I guess.          Good sign from the guy who’s face was crushed by an s-o-b Brewer and was finished for the season.

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