Friday, March 27, 2015

Cheerleaders have legs in BB. Way to go CBS!

    Wow...way to go CBS! 
    The cheerleaders have legs in basketball!
OK I’m gonna hammer away at one of my favorite topics...wives being pissed because the tv guys like to show the cheerleaders.
    Ya see...outside in a big stadium...the tv directors can easily instruct the cameramen NOT to show the cheerleaders shots below the waist.  But inside it’s a little waking up from one of my many naps (I’m a big napper now) what do I see on my new wide screen tv...great (but quick) shots of the Duke cheerleaders in bright blue...tops and bottoms included!
    Since I am not into basketball (with a bow to my Bradley classmate Ralph Lawler of the LA Clippers & Chet Walker of course)
I now know I’m remiss about basketball (love football though) and remiss in not dvr’ing the game tonight so I can ogle the Duke girls! 
    So...enjoy the sights while you can guys...the nets will be back outside for football soon...can you believe they actually showed the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders above the waist only!
                        ____________________ comes the Washington Post...not the most reliable when so called “unbiased” favorites take place (can you say Nixon or the  Bush(s) or EVEN Reagan?)
    This is their first attempt at tracing the GOP Presidential hopefuls so if this isn’t too early (another year left) click below and see what the Posts thinks:
(copy & paste)

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