Sunday, March 15, 2015

Basball on tv or not? Fox Sports still sucks big time!

 ...I will apologize for writing about the Miami Marlins and baseball so as to bore many of you around the world to death.
    But I am confused and bewildered at who ever is in charge of scheduling the Marlins (or better yet...NOT Scheduling Marlins) games on the tube.
    Finally... we got to see a game. Actually the St. Louis Cards were the  host team...that may be why we got to see it.
    The Cards kept promoting several games upcoming on fabulous(UGH!) Fox sports THIS COMING WEEK. The Marlins next game on tv for us will be in a week or so.
    Then there’s AT@T at fault also.  My package does NOT include the MLB network channel...can you believe that!  A like package on Comcast (ugh) DOES include MLB so least you can watch the replay games...but not on ATT!
    Once the season starts there should be little problem (there always are games not carried in favor some stupid poker thing that NOBODY watches!)
    Agin...sorry for this but it’s stuck in my craw and I had to get it out.  I still contend that Fox Sports organization is the sorriest outfit in the world.

    ....Let’s are RICH!
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