Monday, March 9, 2015

The ducks flew da coop & the Drudge candidates with a death wish!

    ...Good news for those of you up north.
    The Whistle Ducks seemed to have they might be on their way back home.
    Well..after all Spring is on the way too. They are a beautiful brownish shade but they are a bit secretive and I have gone several days this winter not spotting them.  But it’s been the better part of a week this that’s my guess.
    Happy Spring everyone!

    Matt Drudge picks his Prez!
    Hate him...abhor his right leaning attributes....he is still the most powerful guy in the media.
Here’s a repeat of a post earlier.  

Keep in mind though...the more conservative guys like Drudge are...the better chance their candidate would die at the polls.  ....i.e. Obama wins! i.e. Hillary is first female Prez.
That's why Jeb Bush is my guy!  A winner.

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