Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm living in the TWILIGHT ZONE (I think..maybe...maybe not..and then again?)

Rod Serling...Twilight Zone

    .....remember the post a couple of weeks back when I mentioned that a “gentleman” in one of the parking areas here got out of his driver’s seat and walked around to open the passenger door for a woman with him. 
    It just sparked something in me as I hadn’t seen that kind of “politeness” in many years.
    ...Well..I watched him as they both came outside the apartment...and approached the SUV and wondered “what happens this way?”
Again...but no surprise this time.  The man approached the woman’s door and pulled it open allowing her to get in.  Then he went around to the drivers seat himself.
Is this couple living in some kind of  time warp or maybe TWILIGHT ZONE?
I looked around for Rod Serling to appear at any moment!
I can just hear him intone:
    “AN ORDINARY AMERICAN COUPLE...but are they really?"  etc etc etc

     Driver-less Mercedes.  No driver?
How the hell does this work anyway. 


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