Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Coffee...cure all ? now coffee is GOOD for us.
    Don't you wish whoever is in charge of deciding these things would just stick with one answer.
    I just saw a story the we shouldn’t drink red wine now.  Didn’t the experts just tell us a few years ago red wine could save our lives!
    I was always worried about the deadly “A”.
So years ago...I saw some European research...pretty extensive...that a simple vitamin E in the morning and a vit. C later in the day and I would keep me with a healthy and active mind.
    So I started that regimen...say over 15 years ago...and I’ve pretty well stuck to it despite having my own doctor(s) poo-pooing the idea.
    So far so good with my brain. I’d swear by it...and I did see the later research the knocked that first research.
    Man...what’s a guy to do?
    ....go ahead...drink the Merlot...and screw em!  That’s what I say.
So here’s the click for on why coffee is now GOOD for you.  but stay tuned a few weeks we’ll be told     “don’t drink coffee whatever you do!”’s my mix for you also...even though you didn’t ask.
African coffee from Big Lots $5.00....mixed with La Rica from your supermarket....less than $2.00.
    Dark and Delicious!

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