Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Was the guy legit? or did he scam us?

    Were we robbed or what?

    AT WIRL in Peoria we were sponsoring one of those famous rock shows on a Saturday night..Chuck Berry was the lead.
    We always tied in a large charity with the shows and the box office proceeds were divided up with them.
    Just as the show began (I was told as I was backstage helping to get the show started)
a big black limo pulled up in front of the auditorium.
    Out steps a distinguished looking gentlemen in a nice suit who walked in to the cashier’s room and told the young girl selling the tickets he was with the charity.
    He said he was there to collect the receipts.
    She was a bit flustered and had been given no instructions on this.
    He moved in front of her and picked up the money box and said “thank you” and back to the limo he went.
    She told someone to go back stage and find me or another official there that night.
    I came to the office and she explained what happened.
    I called the station owner at home and he seemed flustered also.
    Was this simply a prearranged move and we weren’t told or was it real bad news.
     I never really found out.
    The whole incident just died away thru the years I’ve asked my friends what they thought and there was no consensus.
    Guess I’ll never know for sure.

    ...I always knew Don Draper drank too much!
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