Sunday, March 29, 2015

the PILOT's strange behavior ......& George Will on Hill & Bill !

Pilot of your next flight(?)
    ....The real tragedy of that plane crash.
Over the past few days as the media stormed onto the path leading to the co-pilot’s demise (along with everyone else) the obvious and awful facts are becoming known.
       One could someone not blow the whistle on this guy’s deadly plan.
       For instance...the girlfriend who basically should have been alerted by his braggadocio outbursts.
      Or those in charge at the airline who obviously ignored the signs of stress.  Even his Pilot who MUST have had some inkling of the guys mindset.
     Well...too late now isn’t it!
What a shame the others on board had to pay for that ineptness.
The pilot crew and passengers did pay..
......but who else will?

      ....George the midst of spring training....writes in the Post about the   “accomplishments” of the Clintons.
    Good stuff to remember right now. 
Thanks, George.

Go Marlins!

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