Sunday, March 15, 2015

DON DRAPER WANTS YOU...starring in Mad Men!

     ....OK if you’re a Mad Men my son Chris...
you are gonna want to play with this one.  Remember that carousel thing Draper had to find a “hook” for...well he’s using one again and this time YOUR pic can be in it!  How about that sports fans! so here we go...

click below:

    ....Drudge is still trying to force Jeb out and force feed us this guy Walker.
    Who the hell is he anyway?
....out campaigning for the White House with hardly any credential's...but like I say..Matt Drudge is in love with the guy.
    Swallow hard Matt...he will not beat Hillary...Jeb would though.

ALINA wow!
    Hey Vlad...when I become Selena Gomez’s Daddy...I’ll trade you Selena and her great friend Cordelia Winthrop Scott(How I Love that woman!) for that very pretty girlfriend of yours...but only for a few weeks of fun!

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