Friday, October 31, 2014

bad tv ads...don't you just "love" em!

...The one thing I noticed more than baseball during the World Series were the really crummy tv commercials. 

Even some huge firms who should know better are guilty right now of allowing their overpaid ad agencies to do....and place spots that just simply aggravate you.  They think they are “creative” but they aren’t!
Just dumb and dumber commercials...and mostly cell insurance and yes...even new cars!
They need someone to act as a last stopgap...before final broadcast.  A kind of tv commercials keep the companies from making fools of themselves.  Even a Lexus spot does that..with the neighbor in the kitchen trying to stop a bad water leak and the husband coming in.  Then the helper guy rushes out to his new fancy Lexus sports car to speed away.  Pure crap.
And don’t get me going on the worst...the Geico lizard spots.
Like I say...these ad agencies  need help!
and can you believe this!
The Google spy went a bit too far...this is funny!
click here:

War is hell...tough times in Europe!

The Castle....AFN Headquarters Frankfurt

   ....Off to war?  Not really.  I was drafted(ala Elvis) for my two year duty for my country and eventually arrived at supply camp in New Jersey.
My commanding officer called me into his office and "bugged" by my tries to get into OCS (to please my Dad mostly) offered me a real deal.  
“Drop the attempts and I have one slot for Europe...rather than Korea or Alaska!” he said and I jumped.
Upon arriving in Europe I was slotted with a regimental headquarters in Nurenberg, Germany and proceeded to request duty with Armed Forces Frankfurt.
To cut a long story short...I got there...and here’s a fairly long interview I did recently with the guy in charge of the AFRTS archives. of my best friends at AFN was Nick Clooney...Rosemary’s brother and future father to George Clooney superstar.
Here’s the click:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Midnight In Paris...sequel????

let's have some fun...(repost)

Midnight in Paris...

    so what era would YOU go back to?
Sony may have indicated because of the artistic AND financial success they may want to do a sequel.
    Whether Woody Allen would make it is another question.  He doesn’t do sequels and with  his present crummy image he may just do some time traveling to a far away place anyway.
so let me put YOU on the spot.
    You make the plot for Owen Wilson.  
    Obviously he cant go back to the Fitzgerald-Hemingway era...the 20’    where do we send him?
     Or even better...where do we send you!
 Now, please keep in mind if you do go back you can not do anything that changes the course of history.  That is called a paradox. You can meet a young Marilyn Monroe and make love to her as you’ve probably always wanted.  You can meet a young James Dean at UCLA when he was a student there.
      You can return to Dallas on November 22, 1963...but you can not rush up stairs in the Texas Schoolbook Depository to stop Oswald’s shots at JFK in Dallas. Coincidentally you might sneak up on the guy shooting from the grassy knoll...which would be fascination but you can’t shoot him before he gets the Kennedy head shot off!
    You can travel on foot with Christ and his entourage but you cannot stop Judas.  Get it? can travel wherever you want and in the main (except for Marilyn or Dean) “observe” what is happening.
    You could be the ultimate “witness to history” but never testify.
 If you speak about what you see because of your for-knowledge of the event taking place that would cause a paradox and that’s a no no.

    There’s the age old confusion paradox... time travel to your Grandfather’s era and eliminate him which rises the question “how could you go back if you were never born”.  All this is fun to play around with and there don’t seem to be any fair explanations for a lot of it.
    It’s like the things we vaguely hear about from science...that there are certain experiments going on that could result in the entire universe being swallowed up in a huge black hole.  
    I read about one such scientific experiment somewhere up in the northeast but that was years ago...and I wonder whatever happened to that.  Did they just stop..because they realized the possible consequences far outweighed the discovery?
    Who knows?
 I’m still wondering about something Nick Clooney told me in the Army in Germany in 55 (way before George, of course) that we all might be just one huge ant hill waiting to get stepped on.  Where did he get that, I’ve wondered for many years.  Even Google has no answer.
    So...choose an era...or a place where YOU want to back  (just use your imagination) and then return to tell us how it was.

Wills quits???

           ....Say it isn’t so!
I know it’s the of those damn tabloids that tells us where the last alien landed...but this story is still shocking to read.
Until I hear Wills or his Dad confirm it...I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

here’s the Globe’s story:

Meet the media elite who got rid of your duly elected President back in 1974. (I wasn’t invited to the wake/party.)


From “Daily finance”.....
(Big mac..give me a break!  don’t go “gormet” on us!
The McDonald's menu has expanded over the years. Purists argue that widening its offerings is hurting the brand. Some have suggested that going back to basics -- scaling down to its original burgers and nixing heart-healthy initiatives by going back to the old way it used to prepare its signature fries -- is the answer.
But McDonald's isn't going to go backward. If anything, its menu is going to get more complex. The chain talked up the future  during last week's conference call. It's bent on expanding the tech-driven customized burger platform where guests use touch-screen tablets to build gourmet burgers with nearly two dozen toppings -- including tortilla strips, garlic aioli and guacamole. 
At four Southern California stores, diners don't have to step up to the counter to pick up their orders or bus the trays off the table when they're done. Employees perform those tasks. A burger runs $5.49 plus tax. "Bacon, the only extra that costs extra, adds 80 cents.

This seems more like a gourmet burger joint, but that's also the point. And McDonald's said last week that it has "aggressive support of the franchisees" to roll out Create Your Taste in more markets next year.
         (Note:  Let em try to get fancy...they’ll see their profits drop even worse!) on NBC-TV with John Chancellor!


  “ have an important assignment.” 

      “You’ll be on live television tomorrow morning with John Chancellor but you’ll have to go out to the Saigon broadcasting building to get hooked up for it.” This from the NBC News Saigon bureau chief.
      “Oh boy.” 
      Was my reply...partly in shock about the live NBC-TV thing and partly concerned about that facility with it’s antiquated radio equipment.
      That place did not have a good reputation for being able to do anything that worked.  If you’ve seen “Live From Baghdad” about CNN having to use a similar facility you’ll know what I’m talking about.
        Seems President Nixon was making an official policy announcement in the evening New York time, and Chancellor would be anchoring and ask me in from Saigon for only.    
       So I would have to get out there and hope we could make the connection to New York...then sit quietly and listen to Nixon’s remarks and then respond to John’s questions off the top of my head.
      Heady stuff for a little known radio correspondent but I was not flaked out about the thing. 
      They picked the sharpest cameraman as he was very well versed in audio stuff to accompany me in case the circuit had problems...(or the local Vietnam engineers did). 
     We arrived an hour before the speech on “Vietnamization” was set to start. 
 The call was placed with no problem and we sat around waiting for the Prez.
 The address was not long...Nixon sounded like he was turning the whole damn war over to the Vietnamese...but that was public relations.  I think he also took the opportunity to announce more reductions in US troop levels to appease the student protesters back home.
      Chancellor was cool, as usual, and ask me what I thought. I was subdued but ok.  Then he asked me to guess at the reaction in Vietnam to the President's comments and I was ok with that. 
      He closed our portion of the coverage (there were studio guests also) saying:
      “Thanks Stan...that was NBC News correspondent Stan Major reporting from Saigon.” 
      The only video they used (I saw the report later)  were a few slides of me and some troops with this at the bottom of the screen   
     “Stan Major NBC News reporting from Saigon”.
      My parents were thrilled...I was relieved that it went so well and I returned to the bureau to get my radio reports ready for the two daily circuits.
 So...if it’s in the NBC News archives and you can get access to that...the date is:   
       November 3, 1969
 President Nixon’s Vietnamization announcement.
     John Chancellor anchor...with
 NBC News correspondent Stan Major live in Saigon.

Bob Hope & Neil Armstrong
Chu Chi 1969
The Bob Hope interview.......(repost)
Bob talked with me for NBC’s Monitor and then invited me to accompany him thru the hospital at Chu Chi. A
lot of this tv footage was seen on his Christmas 1969 program back home.

He looks GREAT...thank God!

Giancarlo Stanton...Miami Marlins
   ...He looks GREAT!  Thank God.
the last time I saw Giancarlo Stanton was when he got his face smashed bad from a Brewer pitcher in Milwaukee.  It was as scary as you can get in baseball.        I remember San Francisco giants catcher Buster Posey getting clobbered by a Marlin in a brutal home plate collision but this face smashing was just awful.
So the above picture is the first I’ve seen and I’ve been waiting and along with all Marlin’s fans..concerned of any after effects on the young slugger.
He LOOKS great but we’ll have to see how he is in Spring training...with the vision questions and even the after effect of shock when he takes the bat in hand again against an opposing pitcher....and gets a fastball a bit too far inside.
We’re keeping our fingers crossed.
Here’s more on Stanton:


I watched some of the World Series, rooting a bit for Omar Infanti and Jason Vargas who did good.  They were good with the Marlins but got traded away as is the Marlins history.  Can you say Miguel Cabrera? 
Not many home runs in this series...the pitching was outstanding for the most part...especially in game seven.
So...congrats to the Giants...and the best to Kansas City for next season!
late breaking....     

    There's some confusion about whether former Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon WILL sign with the Cubs.  Sources reported last night it was a done deal but now they are backtracking.
    It would probably be a good fit...but the Cubs will still not make it to the playoffs.  Perhaps they are just destined to always be what they have been for also ran.  I doubt even Maddon can change that.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Click below...but....Beware!!!!!


   ...and you thought Halloween wasn’t such a big deal...well...guess again!
 You can stand in a VERY long line at Universal and other theme parks so your kids can experience “rising from the dead” and other  horror spectaculars.  The tab can get high...over $90.00 at watch out for that scary price!
    Disney will concentrate on less scary stuff...more appeal to the young and younger set.
 Here’s the full story click below for some horror fun!



     I haven’t been to Disneyworld for a long time....since my son outgrew it.  I miss Epcot. He tells me he misses it too.
    The last time we were there we ran into THE Hannibal Lecter...right...Anthony Hopkins passed us...exiting from a small French deli that serves great desserts.  My wife, Lauri missed him...(not unusual as she walked right past “Miss Ellie” from Dallas, Barbara Bel the north rim of the Grand Canyon) So I had to point them both out to her. 
    Although the beautiful Peabody Hotel gave me free suites(I did my national radio show from there) we had stayed at the Swan and Dolphin Hotels at Disney. The Dolphin was where I almost bumped into Julia Roberts...and you can read all about that...go to the search window above this post and put in “Seeing Julia” and several signings will pop up. Or I may repost that later today.
     Like I say...I miss Epcot.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

dikes & rice paddy' must be Nam. and...a link for my NBC News stuff from Vietnam 69-70.

The link to click on at the end of the page is my stuff for NBC News from Vietnam

Our friend Hal...with some memories of Vietnam:
Hal says:
“Anyone who has ever been in the military realizes how aggravating officers can be, especially in their formative years, such as a slow learning 2nd Lt just out of some alleged military academy like West Point. Fortunately, most can grow out of it if they'll listen to their NCOs long enough to stay alive.
       In the early 1970s, in a lowland area of South Viet Nam, and on the verge of wrapping up a daytime patrol, the Lt. took point as we walked the dikes on our way thru some rice paddies. 
       A group of locals were working double duty in a paddy, watching their rice and watching us. One of them jumped up and started running away. The Lt yelled a VN phrase right out of his newly issued "Speak Like a Local" language book.The runner didn't stop, so the Lt applied the brakes for him with his M-16.
   When we got to the runner's body, we were impressed with the Lt's markmanship.
I asked the Lt why he "lit the guy up" and his reply was that the guy didn't do what he told him to do.
   Grinning, I told the Lt that the road runner had done exactly as he said. He had yelled "Dung ho". 
Did he mean to have yelled "Dung lai" which loosely translated to "Stop ! (or don't move/run). He'd yelled to the guy "Dung ho" (as in be quiet or don't talk).
        I said, "The guy never made a sound. And he got shot for "following orders."
It did turn out to be a lawful shoot, because the guy had a pistol, 2 grenades and and empty courier pouch. 
    That Lt retired 20+ years later as a worthwhile infantry Colonel. One of a few.”
(thanks, Hal)

Oh my’s election day.  Where do I vote???
It just so happens that in the “public interest” they now have a website that can tell you where to go!
All you have to do is put in your address....and that’s it.  No info name... just your address.  Heres the go vote:
here's my NBC News stuff from Vietnam 69-70.  click below:

Arizona's got a beautiful goalie...& she's good at it!

GABBY GK at Arizona

....No she’s not Mia Hamm......but she is a really attractive GK for the University of Arizona soccer team and you can catch them on ATT’s Pac 12 channel.

....Steakburger with fries and a strawberry shake please!
Now you can eat Steak and Shake in Santa Monica, Ca!
It should be a smash...but I remember some years back when they opened a few S&S’s in the Chicago burbs and they DIDN’T make it. Did they ever return?
So...we’ll see.  
My son Chris (who loves S & S) will keep me informed of the place...telling me how long a wait he and his gal Stephanie have when they visit.
First 100 customers get FREE stuff for a year! They’ve been lined up for awhile already.
click here:

Chocolate for EVERYONE! Lot’s of it

...Here’s a personal story.
About 10 years or so ago...I walked to the mailboxes in the apartment complex where I live(and still do) and I took my key and stopped cold. I paused...and paused....and then got scared as hell.
    I didn’t know what to do next! came to me...use the key...get the mail.
I was shaken and stirred...and I went back to my computer and started to search everything I could find on that awful word we all worry about: "alzheimer’s".
At the time the hot research in Europe said one vitamin “E” and one vitamin “C” taken separately each day had proved to be effective so I got on that program and have been on it since.
And now comes this news.  All I had to do was eat a bunch of chocolate each day and that would have worked!

Here’s the info...enjoy yourself:


and now that you’ve devoured all the chocolate you can for your “memory”’ll need this:

New Wearable Fitness Tracker Debuts at just $1 a Month
Life Tracker 1, a new wristband from a startup, charges just $1 a month to track your physical life, from sleep quality to calories burned, hydration to goals met.

now that’s a’s more about it:

...just trying to help folks!

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Cowboy cheerleaders have "legs"....and no missile coming to destruct us!

....Hey congratulations to ESPN MNF tonight for actually showing us about 20 seconds of the DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADERS...legs and all.  Been a long time since tv gave us a full length shot like that!  The director will probably catch hell for it.  It also came about 20 minutes before an NFL sponsored “Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault” message. He's lucky they weren't back to back!!!
     No WW3 Russian nuclear missle was coming!

Tom Taylor (RADIO NOW)  updates:

    Friday’s accidental EAS alert came not from the White House, but from Bobby Bones.
    What happened Friday morning was that Bones, based at iHeart's “Big 98” WSIX Nashville, played a YouTube video of the November 9, 2011 national EAS test – and many services down the line detected the out-of-date time stamp and didn’t run it, which was good. But AT&T’s U-verse failed to spot the time-stamp and ran it. That meant you probably got your TV channel changed. In Austin, the Statesman-American quotes one AT&T customer saying the TV is “force-tuned to NBC and we can’t change it. I don’t see any emergencies, just the Today Show. How do I shut this off?” Subscribers to AT&T U-verse in Tennessee (where the Bones syndicated morning show originates) as well as in Georgia, Texas and the Detroit area were disturbed. There was apparently pickup in the Emergency Alert System daisy chain beyond there, too – and the feds are investigating. 

I hope so.

wow! 58,000 VIEWS...84 Countries...thanks to you!

Miami audition...waiting

Over 58,250   VIEWS...almost 650 POSTS
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If your nation was not mentioned please email the info:

which wine (2)

California wine country

omg...which wine (part 2)

      I left you hanging with just the small bottles of good wine.
 Now lets discuss the larger bottles...1.5 to be concise.
      You need to be careful here (even with the small bottles) as the prices vary like you wouldn’t believe.   Don’t be afraid to chat with the clerk or owner but keep in mind they want to make a higher profit off you.
      You can spot a decent 1.5 bottle at a decent price because the wine makers are so competitive they often have sales and that’s what you’re interested in.
     Go for the kinds of wine I mentioned in the previous post (I forgot Chardonnay)...and check to see what’s on sale.  If you don’t see anything in the larger bottle for less than $10...or even 8 bucks they aren’t having a sale.
Go some place else.
      I love the larger bottles so trust me when I say even the well known brands have pretty good deals and often.  Livingston is good and you can probably find the big bottles for around $7.00 or $7.50
      Look closely and if you see the larger bottles for under $6.00 that’s a real deal.  
      These folks have good 1.5 bottles of wine...Woodbridge, Foxhorn, Kenwood, Gallo, Beringer and Sutter Home.  Another real favorite who has fairly occasional sales is Almaden and it’s maybe the best of the best California wineries.  One wine outfit I didn’t like much was Liberty.
      Wines from Chile are generally good and even Obikwa from South Africa has a delightful Sauvignon Blanc if you can find it.
      I know there are other brands that I’m leaving out...just be careful because unless you are rich and don’t care you can get ripped off paying twice as much for a wine that is just as good at the lower sale price.  Some stores have the small bottles on sale three for $10.00 which works out to be an excellent price so check those out.
      Generally speaking if you see a good price on a Sauvignon Blanc...Pinot Grigio...Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon in the 1.5 bottles go for it.  You won’t go wrong for yourself your family or your guests!

 Here’s a link for California wine...have fun.

What wine? (part 1)

                                                                                                                                      repost what wine to get for the coming holidays

        I’m not rich and I have to buy wine selectively and so do you...probably.
        I see ladies in the supermarket wine aisle...looking mystified at various bottles and if that’s you here’s some help.

        I’m no expert but for good white wine I recommend an inexpensive Sauvignon Blanc...which when chilled in the frig tastes about as good as you can get regardless of price.  i.e. SB is always good whether you pay $3.00 a small bottle Oak Leaf (Walmart) or $12-15 dollars liquor stores or supermarkets.    Another of my favorite whites is hard to find but worth the effort...Chenin Blanc...maybe for more festive occasions.
       The  hot white now is Pinot Grigio which you can also get from Oak Leaf(California) at Walmart for under $3.00 a bottle.
       For reds the good ole standby can't be beat...Cabernet Sauvignon is still very popular...and I personally like it chilled just a bit but don’t tell anybody.  I usually just pour a glass and stick it in the frig about ten minutes and it tastes really fine but you don’t need to do that.
       The other red that is a bit stronger in taste but really good is Merlot.
   All of these wines (except Chenin Blanc) can be had at Walmart from Oak Leaf Vineyards California for under $3.00 a bottle.
(more coming)

my email:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Can Jeb beat Hilly? We may find out!

Mandarin Hotel...Hong Kong

   ....So...who’s AGAINST Jeb Bush running for the Prez?
I mean except the Democrats who would have trouble beating him after Obama.
I think there are “enemies” like Barbara Bush mentions in the following article...and they would probably be Republican right wingers of the “Rush” followers....and appear on Fox news regularly to poo-poo Jeb’s running.
Anyway one of his sons is the basis of this story about the former Florida Governor.

    P.S.  Jeb did a good job running Florida...and he’s probably smarter than his brothers...who weren’t bad Presidents....(if you don’t read the pro Obama press.)
And he’s a hell of a lot smarter than Obama....and can move to clean up the mess left by the Democrats.
I’m relieved......China is still with us on the blog.  I had worried the past week because no China views showed up(Google) but there were a couple overnight.        I had said something about Hong Kong but didn’t take sides...I love that favorite in the world.  I just hope some kind of agreement can be reached.
I would like to offer to negotiate just to get a free plane ticket to visit it again and a chance to stay at the Mandarin Hotel...the BEST in the world.
Russia is also still with us (& the Ukraine) Vlad... I’m still hoping for that medal for my Father’s work in Persia building airstrips to fly food and supplies into Stalingrad and Leningrad to help beat the Nazis!

   Attention car dealers in Florida. I want to trade you ads on this blog (seen in 85 countries) for a good used car.
Your ads would be the ONLY advertising on this blog. So if you have a used car on your lot that you won’t miss...send me an email and we’ll talk.  Lots of countries to the south!  Your shop could become famous around the world!   That includes Russia and China!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

personal stories about the two TOP models of our time!



   A reader of this response to my chance “encounter” with Julia Roberts at the Dolphin at Disneyworld....passes along this very interesting tidbit from his travels.  We’ll just call him “Hal” as he desires anonymity:

Got a similar item in my life.
  Years ago, I spent several hours on a flight from Sydney to LA sitting and talking to model Elle McPherson. Wasn't sure who she was at the time, only knew she was gorgeous, friendly & looked familiar. After landing, she thanked me for 
being so kind and making the flight more enjoyable. Fifteen minutes later, I saw her photo on a magazine cover. My jaw dropped like anvil falling off of a blacksmith's stand. And not one shred of proof that I'd ever met her and flown 
across the Pacific with her (& a few dozen other people)
thanks Hal, great story.  I always considered Elle THE most beautiful woman in the world. Till Kate came along.
and on the subject of afternoon on my Philly radio talk show Cheryl Tiegs dropped in for a visit. She was touting a camera...Canon or something and doing interviews about it. 
   During the commercial breaks she proceeded to take my Nikon 35mm and started taking shots of me.  I’ve still got some of those shots and will try to get them screened for this blog in the future.
....she was a delight...down to earth and of course...a knockout!

We Interrupt this Program for a National Emergency Announcement!

      ....So for some tv viewers a strange left over cold war warning system kicked on interrupting the program they were watching. I didn’t see it despite the fact that ATT U-verse which I have was effected.
If I had it would have reminded me of Burt Lancaster and “Seven Days In May”.  Remember that great movie with Kirk Douglas and yummy Ava Gardner?
Nobody knows how the false alert kicked off...AT&T blaming it on a “national radio program” but Rush wasn’t on the air so it wasn’t him.  I don’t think.
Here’s the story..but it needs an update which I haven’t found:


Kate and Wills are “back in the saddle” (pardon the pun)
and here’s some excellent pics of them going about their busy job of being King and Queen “coming”.  I haven’t looked at the pics but if it’s Kate you gotta know they are great! (Kate: about that hat)


       Oh...and the guy pitching for the KC’s tonight is Jason Vargas.
He’s one of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria’s cast off’s.  So is Omar Infanti and Josh Willingham...three guys who the Marlins could use desperately next season...but alas...