Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wills quits???

           ....Say it isn’t so!
I know it’s the of those damn tabloids that tells us where the last alien landed...but this story is still shocking to read.
Until I hear Wills or his Dad confirm it...I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

here’s the Globe’s story:

Meet the media elite who got rid of your duly elected President back in 1974. (I wasn’t invited to the wake/party.)


From “Daily finance”.....
(Big mac..give me a break!  don’t go “gormet” on us!
The McDonald's menu has expanded over the years. Purists argue that widening its offerings is hurting the brand. Some have suggested that going back to basics -- scaling down to its original burgers and nixing heart-healthy initiatives by going back to the old way it used to prepare its signature fries -- is the answer.
But McDonald's isn't going to go backward. If anything, its menu is going to get more complex. The chain talked up the future  during last week's conference call. It's bent on expanding the tech-driven customized burger platform where guests use touch-screen tablets to build gourmet burgers with nearly two dozen toppings -- including tortilla strips, garlic aioli and guacamole. 
At four Southern California stores, diners don't have to step up to the counter to pick up their orders or bus the trays off the table when they're done. Employees perform those tasks. A burger runs $5.49 plus tax. "Bacon, the only extra that costs extra, adds 80 cents.

This seems more like a gourmet burger joint, but that's also the point. And McDonald's said last week that it has "aggressive support of the franchisees" to roll out Create Your Taste in more markets next year.
         (Note:  Let em try to get fancy...they’ll see their profits drop even worse!)

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