Thursday, October 30, 2014

He looks GREAT...thank God!

Giancarlo Stanton...Miami Marlins
   ...He looks GREAT!  Thank God.
the last time I saw Giancarlo Stanton was when he got his face smashed bad from a Brewer pitcher in Milwaukee.  It was as scary as you can get in baseball.        I remember San Francisco giants catcher Buster Posey getting clobbered by a Marlin in a brutal home plate collision but this face smashing was just awful.
So the above picture is the first I’ve seen and I’ve been waiting and along with all Marlin’s fans..concerned of any after effects on the young slugger.
He LOOKS great but we’ll have to see how he is in Spring training...with the vision questions and even the after effect of shock when he takes the bat in hand again against an opposing pitcher....and gets a fastball a bit too far inside.
We’re keeping our fingers crossed.
Here’s more on Stanton:


I watched some of the World Series, rooting a bit for Omar Infanti and Jason Vargas who did good.  They were good with the Marlins but got traded away as is the Marlins history.  Can you say Miguel Cabrera? 
Not many home runs in this series...the pitching was outstanding for the most part...especially in game seven.
So...congrats to the Giants...and the best to Kansas City for next season!
late breaking....     

    There's some confusion about whether former Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon WILL sign with the Cubs.  Sources reported last night it was a done deal but now they are backtracking.
    It would probably be a good fit...but the Cubs will still not make it to the playoffs.  Perhaps they are just destined to always be what they have been for also ran.  I doubt even Maddon can change that.

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