Thursday, October 23, 2014

a letter from Kermit! & will that Marlins guy show up in SF Friday?

TCU "horny toad" cheerleader
     Dear Mr. Major:
I am writing you on behalf of the Save the Horned Frog Society in Texas.
We have been aware of the “Redskins” name battle and now we would like to insure that TCU retains our beloved nickname for their fine university.
    We are also aware there is a growing movement to replace the nickname because it is too synonymous with the phrase “horny toad” and we all know what that means...right girls?
So please do what you can to help us.  We’ve been the TCU nickname since before 1900...and that’s a lot of history for us and that great university.
Many thanks, 
Executive officer

Let’s check on the tabs:
   Ben and Jen are not splitting up.  Despite what the tab “Star” proclaims in order to get your $5.00. 
The Globe has “Camilla” caught in a drug scandal? And Obama marriage news(if you can stomach it)

So anyone making book that the Marlins guy will show up behind home plate in San Fran Friday night?
I’ll bet the Giants brass has gone far and wide to make sure not.
We’ll see.

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