Monday, October 13, 2014

football...& baseball and bikini's oh boy!
.....It was funny watching the machinations of the staff of the Green Bay Packers on the sidelines in Miami Sunday...trying to improvise ways to keep that hot south Florida sun from brutalizing the Pack. They had what looked like white sheets and they had two guys at each end to hold the sheet high over the sweating linemen on the bench. I don’t think “white” is the proper color but they obviously didn’t come down here prepared for the heat.  Nonetheless...Aaron Rodgers (no relation to Neil) beat the Dolphins in the final minutes.  He IS the finest quarterback in the NFL right now but gets no respect.

     Turning to the baseball playoffs...if the Miami Marlins had all the guys they USED to have... who are in the playoffs... back here...they’d be walking away with the challenge.  
     It’s all with the can have a George Stienbrenner...almost always a winner or you can have a guy like Jeffrey Loria...famous for buying and selling paintings...and knowing nothing about baseball...being allowed to own a team. There’s talk of trades and maybe holding out hope to get a first baseman like Adam the Roach from the Nat's.  Didn’t he go thru the playoffs without getting a hit?  Oh well...Marlins management won’t care.
Here is the link to listen to one of the hottest shows I did in Miami...The Swimsuit Show.  A bunch of lovely ladies parading around my radio studio while I tried to describe what they were (or weren’t) wearing! 
click and enjoy.

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