Monday, October 6, 2014

Don't lose your head!

.......another dreamy visit from Bob Hope in the middle of the night.
    " are you?"

    "Good Bob...what's up?"
    "well we've got some new folks to help with the shows up here...Joan is
doing her usual fantastic job and Robin drops by to chat.  It's going well"

    "Glad to hear that Bob."

    "Say...who's this "icy" guy stirring everyone up? He's chopping off the
heads of journalists so you better be careful, Stan!"
    "Ha ...yeh.  I've been hoping Charlie Rose would interview him so he could
chop that guy up!  I'm so sick of seeing him on every channel on my tv....".

    "Well" ...Bob concluded..."Next he'll be doing it to bad comedians!  Like
.....and with that he disappeared into the night.
I went back to sleep.

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