Saturday, October 18, 2014

mistake that cost me bigtime!


Sometimes the talk guy should keep his mouth shut!
We had started back in ‘92 but because there was NO national radio overnight talk show that was live to take calls from all over the country...we were hot.
In a short period of time we were heard on some 75 -100
stations thanks to a great affiliate guy, Bill Miller, and full page ads in the new radio paper “Talkers” for several months.
One day...Bill told me “say hello to Texas and most of the country tonght..WOAI in San Antonio is coming on!”
This was exciting news...our first 50K station with incredible coverage.
I took some calls elsewhere and about halfway into the first hour I happened to say 
“I wonder if WOAI in San Antonio is with us?”
Well..I found out later...due to an technical glitch they weren’t... but wouldn’t you know the PD was listening probably off KLIF Dallas where my show was red hot and he got ticked off about my comment and canceled the affiliation!
Lesson learned...don’t wonder and ask on the air...wait for someone to call to confirm!

author’s new note (10/18/14)

I never found out the name of that PD...but his knee jerk reaction to my non-critical question has to go down as one of those stupid things that someone does in this business. 
He defeated the chance of his own station getting high ratings just as his sister station in Dallas...KLIF was getting.  The PD at KLIF told me they never had ratings so good!  
....the Gold Star Pin...
I never realized this existed until I saw the tv spot that just “knocks me out” every time.
I am an emotional human being and I wait for the Army officer in full uniform to stop and salute the young man wearing the Gold Pin.
I have tears as I write this.
We have no one in my family who was lost in any war or Father served in both world War I and World War II.  My brother-in-law Frank was in the Navy in WW2 and I myself served during the Korean War. 
We all came back home safe and sound.
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