Saturday, October 4, 2014

YES! I'm Back....!

cheerleaders with legs

Oct 4, 2014…a brand new post!

Picking up where we left off! Yep…a bolt of lightning hit right outside my patio here in South Florida (not an unusual occurrence) and both my computer and cable TV went ugly dim green.   I rushed to shut both down and booted them up about thirty minutes later and all looked fine.  Except…the lightning had eaten my Ethernet connection.  I couldn’t get on the web.

Lucky for me my son Chris had a second iMac and now I have it for my birthday gift!  So we’re back in business. He also posted a couple of things and I thank him for that.

So…let’s catch up.
Remember the good ole days guys when cheerleaders had legs?
Not much to be seen anymore at pro or college football games.
Seems the tv big wheels have caved to the politically correct do- gooders (mostly women) and we now get camera shots from the waist up.    Nope…we don’t want to offend the spitefully jealous female viewers when their husbands go “wow” at the good cheerleader shot.
Shucks…and I’m a leg man from way back.  Shame.

            On that guy who jumped the iron fence at the White House and walked inside and took a nice private tour…it takes me back to my two trips to have lunch with President Reagan.  After the lunch and the press conference ended we were all just walking around the massive hallways unattended and if I had been a troublemaker I could have had a field day.  Finally I spotted the famous huge front doors and exited to walk down to Pennsylvania Avenue.  Not much security back then either.

            A quick catch up on three favorites.  Christy with no email and maybe no cell phone IS at work…and not in a nunnery.  I just keep missing her.  Nothing to report about the other two “hotties”…the Meg Ryan like cop in Margate, Fl or the Kate Middleton identical twin at my local supermarket.  I’ll keep looking.


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