Wednesday, October 15, 2014

fly the friendly skies...again!

the PAN AM Crew Welcomes You! the new hot spot in L.A. to the Pan Am movie set in Hollywood.
That’s are taken back in time when Pan Am Clippers were THE planes to fly anywhere around the world.
You get a great meal...or you better...cause the tab is $340.00!
Here’s the link for some excellent shots of the festivities:

After you check that gives me an idea for a horror version restaurant:

     Dine atop the original World Trade Center Twin their fancy restaurant...and watch the show around you as Atta and his gang crash commercial jetliners into the TOWER next to your dining pleasures! know what’s coming so you get the chance to escape.
Now...isn’t that sick?
     Who wants to set that up and get a lot of publicity and make a hell of a lot of extreme bad taste!

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