Saturday, October 25, 2014

We Interrupt this Program for a National Emergency Announcement!

      ....So for some tv viewers a strange left over cold war warning system kicked on interrupting the program they were watching. I didn’t see it despite the fact that ATT U-verse which I have was effected.
If I had it would have reminded me of Burt Lancaster and “Seven Days In May”.  Remember that great movie with Kirk Douglas and yummy Ava Gardner?
Nobody knows how the false alert kicked off...AT&T blaming it on a “national radio program” but Rush wasn’t on the air so it wasn’t him.  I don’t think.
Here’s the story..but it needs an update which I haven’t found:


Kate and Wills are “back in the saddle” (pardon the pun)
and here’s some excellent pics of them going about their busy job of being King and Queen “coming”.  I haven’t looked at the pics but if it’s Kate you gotta know they are great! (Kate: about that hat)


       Oh...and the guy pitching for the KC’s tonight is Jason Vargas.
He’s one of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria’s cast off’s.  So is Omar Infanti and Josh Willingham...three guys who the Marlins could use desperately next season...but alas...

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