Sunday, October 19, 2014

ENJOY Fondue with Neil Rogers & Stan...& who was that Selena on tv?

      ..A person alleged to be the Selena Gomez...appeared on the Kimmel Show this past week. 
With far too much black wig piled high on top of her head...terrible makeup...way too much bright red lipstick this Selena was  accepted by Kimmel as the real thing.
You can see why the real Selena needs a Daddy and I continue to offer my services. WAS her...but boy does she need help!
For instance...I would have had her appear as Cordila Winthrop Scott...the snotty heiress in the film Monte Carlo...a part played to the hilt by the real Gomez. That would have shook Kimmel up...he probably never saw the movie. gives me a chance to add another post with her real pic here. Or is this the snotty heiress?
Not much concern about the big ratings foul up with the Neilsen outfit.  They had the ratings wrong and told us ABC News’ David Muir(?) had won the anchor race beating NBC’s   Brian whatever but after a few days of taking bows and much embarrassment for NBC and CBS news departments the rating service said “oops” Disregard that!
One wonders who else got screwed in this stupid blunder....even for a few days.
......and I wonder if they are keeping track of the victims of heart attacks and strokes because of all the negative scary news about Ebola?  
More people in this country have probably died from the news...than the real thing!

here’s the link for my show on WINZ Miami when Neil Rogers and I enjoyed a great fondue feast!:

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