Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chocolate for EVERYONE! Lot’s of it

...Here’s a personal story.
About 10 years or so ago...I walked to the mailboxes in the apartment complex where I live(and still do) and I took my key and stopped cold. I paused...and paused....and then got scared as hell.
    I didn’t know what to do next!
Finally...it came to me...use the key...get the mail.
I was shaken and stirred...and I went back to my computer and started to search everything I could find on that awful word we all worry about: "alzheimer’s".
At the time the hot research in Europe said one vitamin “E” and one vitamin “C” taken separately each day had proved to be effective so I got on that program and have been on it since.
And now comes this news.  All I had to do was eat a bunch of chocolate each day and that would have worked!

Here’s the info...enjoy yourself:


and now that you’ve devoured all the chocolate you can for your “memory”...you’ll need this:

New Wearable Fitness Tracker Debuts at just $1 a Month
Life Tracker 1, a new wristband from a startup, charges just $1 a month to track your physical life, from sleep quality to calories burned, hydration to goals met.

now that’s a deal...here’s more about it:

...just trying to help folks!


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