Saturday, October 25, 2014

Julia in tan shorts...Monica "mistreated".

Julia wearing same shorts I saw her in at Disneyworld Dolphin Hotel
      I’ve been looking for a pic of Julia Roberts in tan shorts and found it. (see above)

hence this repost

Julia Roberts was clandestinely touring Disneyworld in Orlando with some little nieces and nephews and maybe even Emma Roberts...the age thing works for that.  
Julia (at the time the biggest star in the universe) had just married Danny Moder so some of her new young relatives were probably there and she was trying to impress.
I saw her in snazzy but plain tan shorts (like in the above pic)on the lower level of the Dolphin Hotel.  I never actually saw her face...but passed so close to her I could easily have tapped her butt...but my little son Chris was with me and I didn’t want to create any problems.
I heard her lecturing the brood on what they were going to do over at the magic Kingdom and as I heard her speak I fully identified JR.  No one else has a voice or talks like that.
Later...I went to the hotel house phone and ask the operator if they had a Roberts registered and she said no.  I then ask if there was a “Moder” in the hotel and she id’s Danny’s Father (Hollywood Producer) as being registered. So there you have it. Nobody in the paparazzi ever found out!  I know it’s hard to believe...and I’ve never been able to confirm that it was I’m left holding the bag.

Pity poor Monica.  They treated her rather crudely when they found her eating at the mall.
If you can stomach this one here it is:

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