Monday, October 6, 2014

Girls with big guns and some little known things about me!

                    Wow!     (credit: Pinetrest)

                           Gals with big guns who drive pickup trucks turn me on!

.....but I’m not excited about all my clothes and other possessions being made in places like Vietnam....Bangladesh... my...shorts...shirts... etc etc etc. Take some stock and check the labels for your stuff and you’ll see what I mean.  My FBI and my NRO caps WERE made in the USA.
Hooray!  Maybe with all the thousands of new(can’t say illegals)..... residents....we’ll get some people to work here...before we are all replaced by robots.
...Drive-in movies are making a comeback...would you believe.  Just when all the movie theaters are dying. and yes...burgers and fries and soda served in your car.  Wow. 
here’s the story:


     My son’s move to L.A. reminded me of some things nobody knows about me:
When I went out there to be the next James Dean(I thought) a friend got a story and photo about me inserted into “TEEN BEAT” magazine. That was just after I put the Dodger uniform on and caught a baseball in a lady’s fireplace on the first Bob Newhart Show (that won awards but was never re-seen again.  No dvd.
......When Neil Rogers and I made calls to Donna Rice on Miami Beach shortly after the Gary Hart scandal....People Magazine thought that was worthy of a mention...and when I was in Vietnam for NBC News I was arrested by the Saigon secret police while covering a story and it made the New York Times page one!  The U.S. Ambassador had to rescue me.
.....just some things that are a bit interesting.

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