Sunday, October 26, 2014

Can Jeb beat Hilly? We may find out!

Mandarin Hotel...Hong Kong

   ....So...who’s AGAINST Jeb Bush running for the Prez?
I mean except the Democrats who would have trouble beating him after Obama.
I think there are “enemies” like Barbara Bush mentions in the following article...and they would probably be Republican right wingers of the “Rush” followers....and appear on Fox news regularly to poo-poo Jeb’s running.
Anyway one of his sons is the basis of this story about the former Florida Governor.

    P.S.  Jeb did a good job running Florida...and he’s probably smarter than his brothers...who weren’t bad Presidents....(if you don’t read the pro Obama press.)
And he’s a hell of a lot smarter than Obama....and can move to clean up the mess left by the Democrats.
I’m relieved......China is still with us on the blog.  I had worried the past week because no China views showed up(Google) but there were a couple overnight.        I had said something about Hong Kong but didn’t take sides...I love that favorite in the world.  I just hope some kind of agreement can be reached.
I would like to offer to negotiate just to get a free plane ticket to visit it again and a chance to stay at the Mandarin Hotel...the BEST in the world.
Russia is also still with us (& the Ukraine) Vlad... I’m still hoping for that medal for my Father’s work in Persia building airstrips to fly food and supplies into Stalingrad and Leningrad to help beat the Nazis!

   Attention car dealers in Florida. I want to trade you ads on this blog (seen in 85 countries) for a good used car.
Your ads would be the ONLY advertising on this blog. So if you have a used car on your lot that you won’t miss...send me an email and we’ll talk.  Lots of countries to the south!  Your shop could become famous around the world!   That includes Russia and China!

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