Monday, October 27, 2014

Cowboy cheerleaders have "legs"....and no missile coming to destruct us!

....Hey congratulations to ESPN MNF tonight for actually showing us about 20 seconds of the DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADERS...legs and all.  Been a long time since tv gave us a full length shot like that!  The director will probably catch hell for it.  It also came about 20 minutes before an NFL sponsored “Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault” message. He's lucky they weren't back to back!!!
     No WW3 Russian nuclear missle was coming!

Tom Taylor (RADIO NOW)  updates:

    Friday’s accidental EAS alert came not from the White House, but from Bobby Bones.
    What happened Friday morning was that Bones, based at iHeart's “Big 98” WSIX Nashville, played a YouTube video of the November 9, 2011 national EAS test – and many services down the line detected the out-of-date time stamp and didn’t run it, which was good. But AT&T’s U-verse failed to spot the time-stamp and ran it. That meant you probably got your TV channel changed. In Austin, the Statesman-American quotes one AT&T customer saying the TV is “force-tuned to NBC and we can’t change it. I don’t see any emergencies, just the Today Show. How do I shut this off?” Subscribers to AT&T U-verse in Tennessee (where the Bones syndicated morning show originates) as well as in Georgia, Texas and the Detroit area were disturbed. There was apparently pickup in the Emergency Alert System daisy chain beyond there, too – and the feds are investigating. 

I hope so.

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