Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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   ...and you thought Halloween wasn’t such a big deal...well...guess again!
 You can stand in a VERY long line at Universal and other theme parks so your kids can experience “rising from the dead” and other  horror spectaculars.  The tab can get high...over $90.00 at watch out for that scary price!
    Disney will concentrate on less scary stuff...more appeal to the young and younger set.
 Here’s the full story click below for some horror fun!



     I haven’t been to Disneyworld for a long time....since my son outgrew it.  I miss Epcot. He tells me he misses it too.
    The last time we were there we ran into THE Hannibal Lecter...right...Anthony Hopkins passed us...exiting from a small French deli that serves great desserts.  My wife, Lauri missed him...(not unusual as she walked right past “Miss Ellie” from Dallas, Barbara Bel the north rim of the Grand Canyon) So I had to point them both out to her. 
    Although the beautiful Peabody Hotel gave me free suites(I did my national radio show from there) we had stayed at the Swan and Dolphin Hotels at Disney. The Dolphin was where I almost bumped into Julia Roberts...and you can read all about that...go to the search window above this post and put in “Seeing Julia” and several signings will pop up. Or I may repost that later today.
     Like I say...I miss Epcot.

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