Friday, October 31, 2014

bad tv ads...don't you just "love" em!

...The one thing I noticed more than baseball during the World Series were the really crummy tv commercials. 

Even some huge firms who should know better are guilty right now of allowing their overpaid ad agencies to do....and place spots that just simply aggravate you.  They think they are “creative” but they aren’t!
Just dumb and dumber commercials...and mostly cell insurance and yes...even new cars!
They need someone to act as a last stopgap...before final broadcast.  A kind of tv commercials keep the companies from making fools of themselves.  Even a Lexus spot does that..with the neighbor in the kitchen trying to stop a bad water leak and the husband coming in.  Then the helper guy rushes out to his new fancy Lexus sports car to speed away.  Pure crap.
And don’t get me going on the worst...the Geico lizard spots.
Like I say...these ad agencies  need help!
and can you believe this!
The Google spy went a bit too far...this is funny!
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