Friday, October 31, 2014

War is hell...tough times in Europe!

The Castle....AFN Headquarters Frankfurt

   ....Off to war?  Not really.  I was drafted(ala Elvis) for my two year duty for my country and eventually arrived at supply camp in New Jersey.
My commanding officer called me into his office and "bugged" by my tries to get into OCS (to please my Dad mostly) offered me a real deal.  
“Drop the attempts and I have one slot for Europe...rather than Korea or Alaska!” he said and I jumped.
Upon arriving in Europe I was slotted with a regimental headquarters in Nurenberg, Germany and proceeded to request duty with Armed Forces Frankfurt.
To cut a long story short...I got there...and here’s a fairly long interview I did recently with the guy in charge of the AFRTS archives. of my best friends at AFN was Nick Clooney...Rosemary’s brother and future father to George Clooney superstar.
Here’s the click:

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