Monday, October 27, 2014

which wine (2)

California wine country

omg...which wine (part 2)

      I left you hanging with just the small bottles of good wine.
 Now lets discuss the larger bottles...1.5 to be concise.
      You need to be careful here (even with the small bottles) as the prices vary like you wouldn’t believe.   Don’t be afraid to chat with the clerk or owner but keep in mind they want to make a higher profit off you.
      You can spot a decent 1.5 bottle at a decent price because the wine makers are so competitive they often have sales and that’s what you’re interested in.
     Go for the kinds of wine I mentioned in the previous post (I forgot Chardonnay)...and check to see what’s on sale.  If you don’t see anything in the larger bottle for less than $10...or even 8 bucks they aren’t having a sale.
Go some place else.
      I love the larger bottles so trust me when I say even the well known brands have pretty good deals and often.  Livingston is good and you can probably find the big bottles for around $7.00 or $7.50
      Look closely and if you see the larger bottles for under $6.00 that’s a real deal.  
      These folks have good 1.5 bottles of wine...Woodbridge, Foxhorn, Kenwood, Gallo, Beringer and Sutter Home.  Another real favorite who has fairly occasional sales is Almaden and it’s maybe the best of the best California wineries.  One wine outfit I didn’t like much was Liberty.
      Wines from Chile are generally good and even Obikwa from South Africa has a delightful Sauvignon Blanc if you can find it.
      I know there are other brands that I’m leaving out...just be careful because unless you are rich and don’t care you can get ripped off paying twice as much for a wine that is just as good at the lower sale price.  Some stores have the small bottles on sale three for $10.00 which works out to be an excellent price so check those out.
      Generally speaking if you see a good price on a Sauvignon Blanc...Pinot Grigio...Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon in the 1.5 bottles go for it.  You won’t go wrong for yourself your family or your guests!

 Here’s a link for California wine...have fun.

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