Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Godfather who walked his dog daily!

...........the real godfather....                                                                      repost...NEW NEIL LINK

       (Neil Rogers Show link “Godfather” at end of this post!)
    ....Meyer Lansky has always fascinated me!

    He, of course, was basically the boss of bosses of the American Mafia.  He lived in Miami Beach and actually walked his dog ever day!
    I asked someone who would know...if he had any kind of protection around while out walking his dog and they answered in the affirmative.   
   “They are there but you don’t know it!”
    Lansky was still alive when Neil and I were doing our radio shows in Miami and we used to joke about him walking his dog...but “nicely”....and carefully.   One never knows.
    The Mob boss character Hyman Roth played so well in Godfather II by the great Lee Strasberg was basically based on Meyer Lansky.  The movie “LANSKY” was crap.
    I didn’t know it until this posting that Lansky’s daughter, Sandra,  had written about her life...mentioning Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (she claims to have been  Dean’s mistress for awhile).
    It’s very unusual to write about the Mob from inside the organization.  I plan to get her book “Daughter Of The King” at the library (if it’s there!) 

 ...meantime....here’s Neil Rogers on WIOD doing his versions of “GODFATHER”.

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