Monday, October 13, 2014

I left my southeast Asia!

Girl in Hong Kong
...some left over SE Asia stuff.

In Phnom Penh we were filming outside the general assembly building and General Lon Nol led a line of what looked to be military types toward the front door.
In the line was a monk in the familiar bright orange robe.  The monk needed to step out of line and relieve himself...which he did.  Turning his back to all he lifted his robe and let fly.  then he proceeded into the chamber .  Not something one is going to forget.
The General’s who recently pulled the same coup stunt and took over Thailand are still running (ruining) it. Too bad...that was a real tourist haven and one knows whether to visit there or not.  After the brutal murder of a couple of visitors...probably not. Shame..  
They get some APC’s and officers to side with them and just take over.  So who’s to stop them?
And now there’s Hong Kong.  I have to e careful here because I don’t want this blog kicked out of China and I LOVE Hong Kong.
I just hope some accommodations can be made by BOTH sides so we can go there and enjoy ourselves as always.  Hong Kong is the top city on my list and I’ve visited many places and feel close to all of them.  
   France is another...especially the south of France...and for some reason we seem to have come out of the lighting strike to as many French viewers as American at times.  That is great!

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