Monday, October 20, 2014

another baby for the Queen to be!


I....just voted!
 Yep...I was at the library to return some dvd’s and noticed there was NO long fact no line at all.
I wondered what the system was now that Florida had badly mauled it with the punch card “chad” mess. (see movie “Recount”).
Well...they are back to the old fashioned method (mainly) and it’s simple. (good for us old folks!)
They check your name...give you a ballot...and you go into a scarcely concealed table and just pick up a ball point pen and fill in the small circle for you choice.
How simple is that!
Then they direct you to the scanning booth and you push your ballot into the slot and it gets scanned and accepted and that’s it.
I voted and no “hanging chads” in sight. And lots of nice helpers to make sure I got it done!
     Wow...well...I hope all are happy with this system.  

Kate Middleton And Prince William's Second Baby Due In April.
here’s the story:

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