Thursday, October 30, 2014

Midnight In Paris...sequel????

let's have some fun...(repost)

Midnight in Paris...

    so what era would YOU go back to?
Sony may have indicated because of the artistic AND financial success they may want to do a sequel.
    Whether Woody Allen would make it is another question.  He doesn’t do sequels and with  his present crummy image he may just do some time traveling to a far away place anyway.
so let me put YOU on the spot.
    You make the plot for Owen Wilson.  
    Obviously he cant go back to the Fitzgerald-Hemingway era...the 20’    where do we send him?
     Or even better...where do we send you!
 Now, please keep in mind if you do go back you can not do anything that changes the course of history.  That is called a paradox. You can meet a young Marilyn Monroe and make love to her as you’ve probably always wanted.  You can meet a young James Dean at UCLA when he was a student there.
      You can return to Dallas on November 22, 1963...but you can not rush up stairs in the Texas Schoolbook Depository to stop Oswald’s shots at JFK in Dallas. Coincidentally you might sneak up on the guy shooting from the grassy knoll...which would be fascination but you can’t shoot him before he gets the Kennedy head shot off!
    You can travel on foot with Christ and his entourage but you cannot stop Judas.  Get it? can travel wherever you want and in the main (except for Marilyn or Dean) “observe” what is happening.
    You could be the ultimate “witness to history” but never testify.
 If you speak about what you see because of your for-knowledge of the event taking place that would cause a paradox and that’s a no no.

    There’s the age old confusion paradox... time travel to your Grandfather’s era and eliminate him which rises the question “how could you go back if you were never born”.  All this is fun to play around with and there don’t seem to be any fair explanations for a lot of it.
    It’s like the things we vaguely hear about from science...that there are certain experiments going on that could result in the entire universe being swallowed up in a huge black hole.  
    I read about one such scientific experiment somewhere up in the northeast but that was years ago...and I wonder whatever happened to that.  Did they just stop..because they realized the possible consequences far outweighed the discovery?
    Who knows?
 I’m still wondering about something Nick Clooney told me in the Army in Germany in 55 (way before George, of course) that we all might be just one huge ant hill waiting to get stepped on.  Where did he get that, I’ve wondered for many years.  Even Google has no answer.
    So...choose an era...or a place where YOU want to back  (just use your imagination) and then return to tell us how it was.

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